2017 F150 Bed Liner: Rhino or Line-X?

2017 F150 bed liner Trucksbrands.Com Already know ford f150 factory bed liner? Or want know weathertech bed liner 2017 f150?

Has many options. But you don’t have to worry regarding robustness of bed liner. They’re selling you their most helpful product to assist you set a liner on your bed. Rhino and Line-X each need their installers to honor several aspects of the warranty. Unhealthy installers tend to break in year as a result of their mistakes.

2017 F150 Bed Liner

2017 F150 Bed Liner

• Notes Regarding Toughness Line-X And Rhino

Dealers like to show how tough their liners are, how wonderful their material, and so forth. Instead ask yourself questions: Are you actually take the most effective tensile strength, chemical resistance, etc? you’ll invest $800 in a Line-X or Rhino for 2017 F150 bed liner.

If you going to carry tools or gear that may scrape or scratch your bed, invest in a very hard, high-strength surface like Line-X Premium. Once you get a Line-X premium or rhino Extreme liner, you’re unlikely to wreck your bedliner. For sure, there are individuals destroying liners, however they’re rare.

• Notes Regarding Color-Matching F150 Bed Liner

Color-matching is gorgeous on a replacement paint. But if the liner is UV protected, the color ought to fade at identical rate of your regular paint. However, fade is inevitable and everything fades in time. Color-matched liners look worse than black liners once they become stained, scratched, and so forth.

UV resistant coatings are profit centers for average 2017 F150 bed liner installer. It’s not like they’re a heist, but going with a non-UV resistant coating in black isn’t great. You’ll find yourself with a dark grey liner in 5-10 years. If your liner fades too much, there are some chemicals and coverings to revive the color. Basically, color-match isn’t worth doing.

• Notes Regarding Surface Prep On 2017 Bed Liner

If you wish the most effective spray-on bed liner, ask your installer about their surface preparation procedure. There are four main preparation processes.

Chemical etch can be a low quality preparation method. It’s inherently inconsistent, which the liner material won’t adhere uniformly and can peel off. If an installer says they use a chemical etch method exclusively, run.

ScotchBrite scuff preparation can be the common surface preparation for 2017 F150 bed liner, and most Line-X and rhino installers rely on this methodology. If done correctly, scuffing the initial bed surface can facilitate the liner material bond completely. The standard of this prep process is set by the expertise.

Hand sand block is beyond the ScotchBrite preparation method. Power sanding with twin action sander can be the most effective prep process. However, it’s time consuming. If your installer uses power tools to prep your bed’s paint, expect to pay a premium.

• The Most Effective Liner Is…

In early 2000’s, the obvious answer was Line-X for 2017 F150 bed liner. It has the best application method from the starting (most installers started with cold application method), Line-x offered a national assurance on their product years. Line-X liners attended be higher than rhino liners that usually had runs, inconsistent thickness and so forth.

Today, several rhino liner installers use the same process that Line-X installers use and with similar products, that means the distinction will be minimal. Even Rhino and Line-X dealers can claim that they use better mixture of chemicals, that’s extremely not necessary.

The most important factors are the standard of the installer that work with smart tools. So, get some references, seek advice, and you’ll get the most effective 2017 F150 bed liner.


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