Best Chinese Truck Tires, Which Brands Should I Buy?

Best Chinese truck tires Already know chinese tire brands? Or want know china tire factory?

Can be found around the world. China is one of the biggest a quality tire maker nowadays. They have several firms that produce standardized tires and related product around the globe.

So, shopping for tire isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. You will wander the tire brands for a fair variety that available. While it’d not seem to be an exciting purchase, it’s an investment to keep you safe on the road and make the driving easier.

Best Chinese Truck Tires

• Giti Tire

Best Chinese Truck Tires

Giti Tires debuted in the tire business back in the mid-1950s, and their revenues are over $3 billion nowadays. They offer tires to 130 countries with 70,000 tire outlets. Giti Tires have a world manufacturing footprint, half in China and another half in the US, Indonesia, and Germany.

The corporate has every type of tires for each industry. This is why they can be found everywhere the world as the best Chinese truck tires, where their engineers aim to make the most reliable, durable, and safe product for every market.

• Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.

Best Chinese Truck Tires

Creating tires since 1958, they catered to native demand over the years, and they became one amongst the prime tire suppliers in the world. The company have distributed their product to incorporate like TBR and PCR tires for industrial construction vehicle tires.

They have an ISO9001 certified with annual sales of $4 billion. As of last year, the Company was noted amongst the highest 75 tire producers in global for the best Chinese truck tires. They’re present the quantity tire and export their tire to Americas, Oceania, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Best Chinese Truck Tires • Shandong Ling Long Tire Co., Ltd.

Best Chinese Truck Tires

This global company has nearly 18,000 workers scattered everywhere and generates $2.44 billion in sales each year. The corporate has 5 manufactures in China, one in Thailand and Serbia. It was based in 1975 to provide the international demand for tires.

Even as the best Chinese truck tires, they started with PCRs or performance car radial tires and enlarged their vary to LTR or light-weight radialtires, bus radial (TBR) tires with industrial all-steel radial tires.

• Sailun Jinyu Group Co., Ltd

It was nearly 20 years as China’s personal tire company. The SailunGroup has integrated their tires with their production, sales, and repair centers. The company has an annual operational financial gain for roughly at $2 Billion. The employers are over 11,000 staff who make tires that move the world.

They have intensive sales networks and created supply hubs in Germany, Canada, and other countries. As the best Chinese truck tires, Sailun’s annual production capacities include 5.4 million TBR tires, 40 million PCR tires, and over 60k OTR tires.

Truck Tires • Xing Yuan Tire Group Co., Ltd.

The company is centrally placed in Guangrao, China. Since the time of its inception at 1994, the company is concentrated on harnessing the recent technology to hunt continuous development in its industry. Currently, the company has a year output of roughly 5.8 million all-steel radial tires with employs over 7,000 individuals.

The corporate has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, also holds the ecu ECE certification and the U.S. DOT certification amongst other the best Chinese truck tires certifications from everywhere.


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Truck Tires • Doublestar Cluster Co., Ltd.

DoubleStar may be a as nearly as century-old company. It holds the chair of the tire branch of the CBIA (China Rubber business Association), and amongst the 1st Chinese corporate to harness the 4.0 smart factory concept in the tire industry.

The corporate has embraced the sensible industrial logistics, smart equipment, and smart cyclic utilization of all wasted rubber. As of now, the corporate becomes the best Chinese truck tires and the leader of the Chinese Intelligent Tire producing Industry. It’s presently counted amongst the ten tire producers in the world.

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