Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck

Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck Buying Guides

Best heavy duty hand truck Already know hand truck vs dolly? Or want know best folding hand truck?

Is a superb tool to move the objects quickly, simply, and well. This can be a lightweight, compact and transportable tool to hold multiple boxes, significant goods, giant appliances, or assist on moving anything. Even you can easily fold them to store properly.

With the many models in the market, it becomes a difficult task to pick the proper choice to your needs. There are things to take into consideration like load distance, weight-bearing capacity, load capacity, location, and frequency of use are essential to think about.

Guides on Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck

#1. Size

Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck

The dimensions of the hand truck you select must rely on the objects you’ve got to elevate. Some makers provide plate extensions that allow you to move larger items, rather than buying another one to maneuver these items.

If you need the best heavy duty hand truck for home use (to move lighter items), then go with a compact truck with a 15-inch by 11-in platform to carry up to 155 pounds. For a hand truck with a 23-inch by 17-inch platform, it can carry loads up to 750 pounds.

#2. Handles

Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck

The peak of the hand truck is crucial to think before purchasing. If it is short then you’ve to bend down to push, which ends up in back pain. Taller trucks provide leverage to lift things off the bottom and cause you to snug to maneuver them.

When selecting the correct height and the best heavy duty hand truck, you’ve got to examine its handles. There are many styles of handles offered. So choose the model that won’t leave any blisters on your hands, doesn’t slip away, and assist you simply with no hassle.

Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck #3. Frame Material

Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck

Steel, aluminum or combination are 3 main materials employed in hand trucks. A tricky and sturdy frame can provide support to lift heavy items. Steel is sturdy, rust-resistant, and inexpensive, whereas aluminum is lighter, durable and expensive. The mixture model comes with a steel frame and aluminum nose plate. Just choose the best choice that suits your requirement.

#4. Price

It must be budget-friendly with specified qualities/features. The overall price range of hand trucks are from $25 – $400. So, check for models that are valued for money. A model priced at $25 may be a lighter and offers less load capacity, and it’s not counted as the best heavy duty hand truck.

A model with a price range of $75 – $100 will be a durable, powerfully created truck that lifts and holds a weight for 250 pounds. A model with a price of $400 is a premium that gives heavy carts to hold a load of 300 or more.

Best Heavy Duty Hand Truck #5. Weight Capacity

The load capability of the best heavy duty hand truck can vary from 100–1000 (or more). Select the weight capacity according to the weight of the items you’re about to move. Some hand truck models are designed to convert from 2-wheels to 4-wheels that allow you carry heavier items (or a lot of items at once). Hence, pick the best choice that suits your demand.

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#6. Maintenance And Warranty

A hand truck with low maintenance is recommended. There are some hand trucks available that are simple to use, look great, and are capable of carrying a huge weight without damage for certain year of use. It’s essential to examine the hand truck before shopping.

Most of those models offer a 1-year warranty, while the best heavy duty hand truck and premium models offer a 5-year warranty. Just check the reviews and ratings before creating the purchase. The longer the warranty, the higher you’ve got peace of mind.


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