Best Truck Dash Cam for Commercial Vehicle and Trailer

Best truck dash cam Already know best truck dash cam 2022? Or want know best dash cam for dump trucks?

Has benefit to defend your drivers from unfair penalties, also to speed up the claims, particularly once combined with management software. The ordinary dash cams for non-commercial vehicles usually don’t suit for truckers because it has less angle lens to read from a truck cab, and recording in lower definition.

Best Truck Dash Cam

• Best for Driver Safety: CM32 Dual-facing AI Dash Cam

Best Truck Dash Cam

The camera is offered by Samsara which has capabilities to assist fleets to gather the info they have for further operations. It has measuring device (G-sensor) that tracks crashes and harsh driving, and driver scorecards and trend reports.

Best Truck Dash Cam

The in-built AI will establish driving and send in-cab audio alerts in real time to keep safe. The cam isn’t designed for live-streaming, even mechanically transfer 10 seconds of video before and when incidents it detects to cloud storage. The previous forty hours of driving time are also accessible.

• Best for Simple Use: Blackvue DR900S-2CH

Best Truck Dash Cam

The Blackvue is Wi-fi equipped, so if you are at reach of the best truck dash cam unit, you’ll be able to see the live footage or transfer the video through an app. It’s designed to add GPS into the video, permitting a fleet to grasp the speed, location and coordinates of any incident they’re reviewing.

The setup method and the program are easy and straightforward to understand. It’s powerful to seek out any specific fault with this driver dash cam. The price is high but you get the best quality of video, and plenty of 4K cams price even more.

• Best for Video Storage: Verizon Connect Dash Cam

Verizon Connect sells the best truck dash cam that integrates with the remainder of its services. Fleets that are using it would connect to Verizon Connect platform to get GPS tracking, ELD compliance, fuel management, quality tracking, field service management, and more.

The dash cam can record any incidents akin to speedy acceleration, or harsh braking or cornering. These incidents are then uploaded to Verizon’s on-line platform in a couple of minutes. The records are available for 90 days, a bit higher than most dash cam footage.

• Best for Fleet Flexibility: Lytx Drivecam

This best truck dash cam includes a microphone, a speaker, night vision, GPS tracking, a biennial pledge and the ability to record up to 100 hours video. The Machine Vision and AI options are integrated into the device, providing risk detection than most dash cams.

The dashboard is searchable, perfect for a manager who desires to get a knowledge and photographs rapidly. It’s cloud-connected, so you will get the videos in minutes. Overall, the dash cam offers exceptional features, even the quality isn’t as nice as other cams. The price for Lytx varies on the size, needs, and industry.

• Best Truck Dash Cam for budget: OldShark Dash Cam

It’s a grab-bag of nice perks with 170 degrees view, collision auto-detection (via G-sensor), night vision, and a Dynamic Range. It’ll begin to recording once the engine is turned on, guaranteeing no driving time goes unrecorded.

This best truck dash cam can record many footages due to its wide angle view, and the price is as low as you’ll be able to buy, perfect for budget-conscious managers. One downside, the windscreen mount is a bit less sturdy than the camera itself.


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• Best for 360 Degrees View: Driveri 360 Degree AI Fleet Dash Cam

The AI options will establish driver drowsiness, traffic signal violations, unsafe tailgating and more. The 360 degrees view allow you to see what’s happening to either side of the vehicle without additional camera. Video footage is safe for a period of time in the cloud, or domestically for 100 hours.

This best truck dash cam can track and verify every incident, from harsh braking or accelerating, to driver drowsiness, traffic violations, and unbuckled seatbelts. The GreenZone Scorecards offer visibility into drivers to increase the performance and safety, so you can make smart decisions.

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