Best Truck Load Board

Best Truck Load Board for Every Trucker

Best truck load board Already know direct freight load board? Or want know best load board?

Will provide everything you need as trucker. If you’re new on this business, the load boards can appear overwhelming. Finding boards that systematically generate well-paying for your company might need research. You can begin with the freight-matching services that dominate the digital load board market. Think on the services, evaluation and accessibility of these load board.

Best Truck Load Board


Best Truck Load Board

The largest and oldest truck load board provider, DAT operates 3 freight-matching platforms: DAT Power, DAT Express and DAT TruckersEdge. DAT expanded its presence by merging with GetLoaded, another leading load board. DAT boards has over 485,000 masses every business day with more than 1.3 million trucks.

As the best truck load board, DAT Power permitting you to look at loads, trucks and transactions in real time. The board provides information on truckload with actual transactions across 65,000 lanes. It has a guarantee that covers payments of up to $1,000 per load.

DAT express permits for unlimited load searches and truck postings. The board provides alerts once new posts match your search, and suggests routes that assist in dead-head miles. DAT TruckersEdge provides little carriers and owner-operators with access to freight masses and trucks.

The board incudes average rates paid, also credit information on thousands of brokers. DAT Power as the best truck load board and the most progressive freight-matching technology, starts at $149 per month. DAT express prices $109 monthly for the broker and $99 for carriers. DAT TruckersEdge ranges from $34.95 to $49.95 per month.

Best Truck Load Board • 123Loadboard

Best Truck Load Board

The 123Loadboard platform posts over 45 million masses every year with 325,000 users. The load board expanded its audience by combining its on-line technology with truckage software. One advantage of 123Loadboard is its Premium package considerably below, at $55 per month.

The best truck load board gives a load planner, mileage and maps, and credit on brokers and shippers. It accommodates up to a few users include trade freight rates. 123loadboards is an industry leader for load board with over million truckloads annually.

123Loadboard offers a free load board app and a 10-day trial of its premium features. The app offers comprehensive search tools for truckers at the beginning value of $35 a month. With their highly-rated mobile app, you’ll notice masses anytime and anywhere. The Premium package costs $45 to $55 per month.

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Best Truck Load Board

This load board launched in 1995, being the best truck load board and the 1st freight-matching marketplace. Over 200,000 carriers, brokers and shippers use with 3 tiers of load boards. Truckstop may be a live board with period of time information and search practicality for the best-paying loads.

Truckstop is the cost-effective on shippers and brokers.’s Basic load board provides searching, posting and results for each sixty seconds. Truckstop is thought for its registered brokers. Basic membership starts at $39 a month for the carrier and $99 for the broker and the shipper.

With huge community of brokers, shippers, carriers, and the best truck load board, you’ll be able to notice quickly and easily. To unlock all of the features, you’ll purchase their pro version at $149 per month. The second-tier Advanced load board costs $125 per month, whereas Basic is simply $35 per month.

• Direct Freight

Since 1997, Direct Freight has provided on-line freight matching for thousands companies. Direct Freight integrates its technology to management software system. Carriers or owner-operators will post masses or trucks on Direct Freight for free.

A monthly subscription provides access to credit reports, weather, load filtering, route planning, text alerts and features. You can access the load info from Direct Freight through the internet, email alerts and screens. It is friendly and the best truck load board that filled with feature you want in the business.

It provides easy search for masses and trucks. As an owner-operator, you can investigate the credit score, authority, and insurance of a broker. DirectFreight helps you to store and send documents, show load bookings, and see the range of days to pay.

As the best truck load board, it has features like weather reporting, alerts, and app notifications to inform the carrier loads. It provides integration with the management software system. You can get these options at $34.95 per month. Otherwise, Direct Freight is offered for a free, 15-day trial.


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