Best Trucking Software Buyer Guide

Best trucking software Already know best trucking software for owner operators? Or want know best trucking software that integrates with quickbooks?

Must straightforward to manage loads, dispatches, orders, and expenses. It should give the flexibility to run reports for charge customers, paying drivers, and filing International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports.

Keeping correct and detailed info on mileage is important, whether you’re an operator or owner. There’s no single trucking software that may cowl all the assorted need of drivers and managers. Some best trucking has a big of features, but it will helpful by combining with other applications.

Best Trucking

What’s Trucking Software?

Best Trucking Software

Best trucking software is a management software that trucking firms use to electronically records and manage their operations that reduces inefficiencies. These solutions are performed by back-office workers to run the business and eliminate the paper records, providing users with a system in handling management, mapping, logistics, and more.

Trucking software contains feature designed to handle routing, dispatch records, payment records, invoices, IFTA reports, maintenance records, mileage reports, and expense reports. It serves as the central hub for all shipping company and might contain accounting, recruiting, etc.

Best Trucking Software

While some best trucking software is often standalone solution for fleet management, other tools offer integrations with trucking software to produce a comprehensive breadth of features. It provides a unified to manage dispatch records, track your drivers, pay invoices, and monitor an IFTA reports.

It can be utilized by owner/operators, or by a corporation or carriers. The best trucking can facilitate your transportation business become profitable by observing your trucks and finding ways to avoid wasting on fuel through correct mileage reports and expense records.

Must Have Feature On The Best Trucking Software

  • Routing and Dispatch Management: Coordinate dispatchers and drivers by assigning new orders in period to an accessible agent. The tools can facilitate the most economical route and navigate to scale back the miles driven, lower maintenance costs, and improve client satisfaction.
  • Accounting: invoices, input receipts, and manage expenses. Store info on vendors/suppliers via collectible accounts and track customer via accounts receivable. Produce monetary reports of profit and loss and balance sheets.

Best Trucking Software


  • IFTA Services: produce the mandatory fuel and mileage reports for your business. Track receipts, manage mileage logs, match fuel to taxes.
  • Fleet Maintenance: Establish preventable tasks and make sure the vehicles in your fleet are inspected routinely. The best trucking will keep a record of all repair history on vehicles to extend the lifecycle in your fleet.
  • Fuel Tax Management: Record trip by trip fuel together with your IFTA account. Report and pay on fuel taxes owed quarterly. Monitor jurisdictions, track licenses, maintain rules/rates, and automate tax filing.

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Best Trucking Dispatch Best Trucking Software

Dispatch software (logistic software) automates the routing and programming by observing orders, trucks, trailers, and drivers all from one location. The most goal in trucking software are going to be dispatching your workers and guaranteeing your customer’s orders are being in a timely fashion.

  • GPS tracking: it will be useful to monitor the situation of trucks and drivers. The best trucking is helpful to determine if your business is working on schedule or not. If your trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, the movements are tracked and messages can be sent back and forth on the road.
  • On The Road Access: As mentioned before, mobile apps let truckers receive messages on the road and lets their location be simply tracked. This is significant for tracking driver movement if they’re following the most ideal route. This knowledge is mechanically logged into the trucking software that reduces human error.
  • scheduling: the best trucking will merge scheduling with dispatching to make the drivers are delivering on time. Interactive maps will show you where your position which let you verify the most optimum route to complete a particular order.


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