Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist

Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist, Here’s What to Look For!

Box truck for sale California Craigslist Trucksbrands.Com Already know craigslist box trucks for sale by owner? Or want know va craigslist box truck for sale?

Needs to be inspected thoroughly. When you are thinking of buying a box truck, you likely have some specific requirements. Unlike normal cars, box trucks are used to drive and lift heavy loads.

So it’s crucial to determine exactly what to look for in a box truck. After all, buying a box truck is not an easy one. Before you get a dream box truck, use this checklist to make sure you’ve considered everything!

Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist

Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist

What To Look on Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist?


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Craigslist Box Truck for Sale by Owner

• Price Tag

  • 2005 Freightliner Box truck for sale! $8,000
  • 2012 Isuzu NPR 14′ Box Truck $10,000
  • 2005 isuzu npr 12ft box truck 126k miles $6,000
  • 2016 FORD E350 BOX TRUCK $39,900
  • 2005 Sterling box truck 170k miles $7,500
  • Selling 2016 Ford Transit HD350 Box truck Liftgate $27,000
  • 2012 Mitsubishi fuso 14ft box truck reefer 124k miles diesel no run $11,500
  • 1994 Box food work lube truck Chevrolet Isuzu step walk-in Van GM $4,800
  • 2006 NQR Isuzu 4cylinder 20 foot box truck $10,000
  • 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170″ WB EXT w/CUSTOM BOX TRUCK & LIFTGATE $69,800
  • 2015 GMC Savana 3500 box truck $20,000
  • Truck For Sale–(Will Sale for Best Offer) $100
  • 2003 Chevy kodiak 14 foot gas engine box truck $6,991
  • 15ft Box Truck Ford E-450 $18,000
  • 2015 INTL 4300 26′ BOX TRUCK WITH LIFTGATE **CUMMINS** $54,500
  • 2005 GMC 16 foot box truck four-cylinder turbo diesel $9,500
  • 2011 ISUZU Nqr *INSTANT FINANCING* 16ft Box Truck 2,000 lb lift gate $33,995
  • 2011 FORD E450 SD 15.7FT BOX REFRIGERATED BOX TRUCK $23,8502012 FORD F-650 SD XL 16FT BOX TRUCK $46,850
  • 2008 Ford Econoline Box Truck low Miles $8,500
  • 2014 Hino 195 Box Truck with Liftgate $39,995

Before you start shopping, create a budget. The simplest box truck can cost less than $ 20,000, but the best-equipped box truck can cost more than $ 60,000. Your budget helps narrow down the options.

• Wheel Drive

Most forklifts have rear wheel drive which helps the driver gain traction when pulling or towing. You might want a four-wheel drive truck that can be activated when the terrain is slippery or uneven. Another option is all-wheel drive, which does not have to be switched on or off.

• Engine Size

Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist

When determining the correct engine size, you need to consider both the power required and the desired fuel economy. A V4 engine in a compact box truck may be enough for your needs, while a V6 engine can be a good compromise between performance and fuel economy. If you work with heavier loads, a powerful V8 might be for you.

• Towing and Transport Capability

Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist

It is important to know the requirements are on the box truck for sale California Craigslist. A compact box truck can pull or haul a fraction of what a heavy box truck can haul. For example, a Toyota Tundra with a V8 engine can haul about 8,100 pounds, while Chrysler RAM 3500 can haul 30,000 pounds.

• Cabin Size

Standard cabins only have one row of seats. The extended cabs have a rear row and also offer you more storage space in the cab. A box truck with a double cab has four doors and a larger rear row. Do you have to accommodate passengers regularly? If so, opt for a larger cabin size.

• Trim Level

Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist

Within the same year and model of box truck, manufacturers will produce different trim levels. They are basically different versions of the same model. Understanding the different trim levels is important as they will have different features, equipment, and price ranges.

• Safety Feature

Consider things like blind spot warning systems, lane departure warning systems, and automatic braking systems on box truck for sale California Craigslist. Make sure you know what features the box truck is equipped and what additional costs are needed.

• Bed Size

Box Truck for Sale California Craigslist

The standard bed in a full-size box truck is eight feet, but the bed size is reduced to about six feet if you want an extended cabin and five feet in a double cab. It’s still a lot of spaces that you normally need. If necessary, you can also invest in a folding bed extension.

• Axle Ratio

Manufacturers often offer the same truck model with multiple axle options. The axle ratio can affect the performance and fuel consumption. Hence, you should take this into account when choosing the best for your needs.

A higher final ratio increases the weight you can tow but also decreases fuel efficiency. If you plan to drive a lot on the freeway and don’t want to haul large loads, a standard ratio may be more suitable for your needs.

• Access

If you are buying a box truck for sale California Craigslist to use as a family vehicle, it is a good idea to consider the access. People in the back should check that there is enough space. Elongated cabs are known to be quite narrow.


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