Box Truck for Sale in CT

Box Truck for Sale in CT Upfit Guide

Box truck for sale in CT Already know 26 foot box truck for sale? Or want know 26 ft box truck for sale – craigslist?

Consisting of different model and fabrication, and find out one that’s right for your job isn’t easy. You need an upfitter (truck body distributor) that offer a top quality box truck that is compatible with your current truck. The primary factor you need to know is that your truck may limit the box truck choices.

The truck type and cab to shaft are the 2 biggest factors to determine the compatibility. An 8-foot box won’t work on a truck with a cab to axle measurement of 36 inches. You can’t put an 8-foot box and install it on a half-ton truck (F-150, Chevrolet/GMC 1500, Ram 1500) because of payload restrictions.

New Box Truck For Sale In Ct

Box Truck for Sale in CT

Let’s say your work trucks went out while you received a project and need extra vehicles. No matter the reason, you need a piece truck and body fast. They are existed; but you need to look for what you would need. You need a truck dealer that you have purchased work trucks within the past.

There are dealers (Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram, International, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Isuzu and more) that specialize in upfitted work trucks. These truck dealers are the target, providing many upfitted work trucks with bodies.

Ready-To-Work Box Truck For Sale In Ct

Box Truck for Sale in CT

There are many choices for proper upfitted truck in dealer inventories. Several dealers list their inventory of upfitted trucks directly, generally under the “commercial” or “fleet” section. If you can’t find the upfitted truck on your dealer, there are websites specifically for this.

There, you have a chance to filter thousands of trucks by location, make, model, physique, etc. Note that the majority of the inventory on box truck for sale in CT dealer are customary upfits. If your application requires customization, you may not get the precise truck you like in a short time.

Box Truck for Sale in CT

This is where truck body distributor can help. Say you simply purchased a new service body on a three-quarter-ton truck. Besides customary shelving in the compartments, the upfit is pretty plain. You would like some tool storage for all the equipment you carry. A distributor has all those products to customize that plain truck body into more economical and effective for your job.

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New Truck With A Custom-Made

Buying a custom upfit off box truck for sale in CT dealer isn’t economical for your application. You know what you need from a work truck and aren’t willing to accept something different, so you may need the experience of each and box truck distributor.

Since you already know the precise upfit you need, the best place to begin is the box truck distributor. These specialists will facilitate “spec” the custom truck you like. Because you need a custom-made truck body, the distributor won’t have it all installed.

When you complete the spec’ing method with the distributor of box truck for sale in CT, your chassis may restrict with custom body. Your distributor will understand what the chassis cab-to-axle measuring must be, the minimum chassis GVWR needs and other restrictions related to fuel tank location, PTO and more.

Therefore, you have to determine your box truck. This is where the industrial dealer comes into play. With the chassis needs from the distributor, the dealer has decent choices you for chassis compatibility along with your custom truck.

The dealer may offer a few options to the suitable chassis on box truck for sale in CT. Some commercial dealers have “stripped” (or bare) chassis awaiting the appropriate upfit. If so, they have the proper chassis for your custom truck. This can be the most effective case rather than waiting the truck body from factory-made.


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