Box Truck Independent Contractors, How to Enter the Business?

Box truck independent contractors Already know box truck independent contractor near me? Or want know amazon box truck independent contractors?

Offer you additional financial gain for your business. One thing you need to get is consistent and profitable contracts for your box truck business. But beginning a box truck business may be costly, particularly if you intend to shop a new box truck.

Not each box truck business need workers in the beginning. If you’re about to be an owner-operator, you’ll run your own. Here are some process to get consistent box truck contract.

Box Truck Independent Contractors

• Amazon Box Truck

Box Truck Independent Contractors

You can start box truck independent contractors with Amazon through the Amazon Relay program for their load board. The primary step is to go on Amazon Relay and check in as a carrier. To qualify as an Amazon carrier, you must meet minimum qualifications: Active DOT, Valid MC number, Carrier entity type, Safety rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Satisfactory insurance policies.

The insurance covers business liability, machine liability, trailer coverage, lading coverage, workers and leader liability. If you want to know more concerning these requirements, check Amazon Relay’ FAQ page. What’s nice about Amazon’ program is they’re huge.

The size of their operations offering you a great money with bonus of a type of loads, from short distance to longer ones. Through their interface, you can accept loads, assign drivers, access Amazon’s Relay Load Board, track performance, view and transfer payment.

You can get access to look and manage the loads, report any delays, and use business navigation tools if you joined with box truck independent contractors.

• Truck Dispatchers

Box Truck Independent Contractors

Use truck dispatchers to seek out loads. Though they perform similar to a freight broker, they represent carriers that you can employ them and organize for top paying for your business. A straightforward Google search of “truck dispatch services” will give a list of firms you’ll work with.

Box Truck Independent  • Rent Your Box Truck

Without even doing a load yourself, you can rent your box truck independent contractors. You can advertise your vehicle on sites like, a reputable company Ryder, or You can make around $15,000 for box trucks that are 19′ long or less and $25,000 for trucks that are 20’+. It may be good to earn some passive gain with your box truck.

• Doing Moving Jobs

Box Truck Independent Contractors

If you focus on the moving business, you must go to the market accordingly. As mentioned earlier, get your business on-line and create your presence for the marketplace. You can get jobs on website like taskrabbit, thumbtack,, also moving sites like Dolly.

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• Load Boards

The most common methods for obtaining loads are sign up for load boards to get box truck independent contractors. These are on-line boards that list loads for delivery that you can access. Some charge a fee to use them. The leading load board is DAT that has the most loads with over 900,000 loads denote daily.

Concerning their size and scope, they have vanguard technical school and info, with unlimited searching, instant notifications, credit scores, market rates, mileage routing and more. Besides DAT, different load boards like Truck Stop, Get Loaded and driver Path.

Amazon also has a load board as another option for box truck independent contractors. You can contact freight brokers and freight forwarders if they need box truck contracts.


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