Box Trucks for Sale Near Me

Box Trucks for Sale Near Me Price Ranges

Box trucks for sale near me Already know small box trucks for sale near me? Or want know cheap box trucks for sale near me?

Are designed to transport many things by a large number of industries across the construction, delivery, and retail markets. A box truck may be a best addition for any company. If you’re considering shopping for a box truck, but don’t want a brand new model, there are lots of used box trucks on the market at a lower price.

What Are Box Trucks?

Box Trucks for Sale Near Me

A box truck is consisting of a cab in the front and a box compartment in the back, which contains a roll-up door similar to a garage. Some might have raised gates or battery-powered platforms. There are various sizes, but most box trucks slot in the medium duty truck category, from 14′ to 24′.

Box trucks for sale near me are available in each automatic and manual transmissions, with diesel-powered and gasoline-powered choices. The box trucks are simple machine drive, though it’s available at a better price (and with less fuel-efficiency).

Diesel v Gas Engines

Before you get a box truck, it’s necessary to know whether a diesel or gasoline engine higher suits your needs. Diesel engines provide some benefits over gasoline, even with a load, since they offer more power at low RPMs. A diesel-powered truck tends to last longer, as its stronger and cooler.

Gasoline engines offer less noise and pollution than diesel. While a diesel gives more power at low RPMs, gasoline engines provide more power at high RPMs. It’s easier to get fuel and elements for gas engines. Another factor to think on box trucks for sale near me is the prices between the 2 options.

Diesel in the past was more cost-effective than gasoline, that isn’t the case now. The diesel costs about identical than gasoline. Diesel engines do pick up mileage than gas engines, however the direct cost of a diesel-powered vehicle offsets that. If you have a fleet, your maintenance and fuel processes are easier if you stick to one engine type.

How Much Used Box Trucks for Sale Near Me Cost?

Box Trucks for Sale Near Me

Knowing a particular value for used box trucks is difficult. Age, condition, mileage, size, form of box, dealer, and your location will determine the entire price. There are prices averages to administer you an inspiration of what you’ll get on a used box truck.

A 10-year-old box with 200,000 miles costs around $5,000 and $10,000. A 5-year-old box truck with 100,000 miles costs between $10,000 and $20,000. A 1-year-old, 16′ box truck with thousand miles costs around $40,000. Used or new for a cold truck, expect to pay more with average cost of $10,000.

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Box Trucks for Sale Near Me Extras

There are extra options you will need once shopping for second box trucks for sale near me. Each box truck contains a roll-up door in the back, but you may want a model with a liftgate. A liftgate is a battery-powered platform that enables you to lower and lift load from the rear of the truck.

This isn’t necessary if the truck is used at loading docks, but could be a time and energy saver for on-street deliveries. Other box extras like lights and rails for securing cargo. The cab-side of box truck extras are most familiar; you’ll have air conditioning, automatic or manual transmissions, CD players, different seat styles, and other comfort options.

You can choose from crew cabs or regular cabs. Note that additional options on box trucks for sale near me will raise your overall cost. They’ll appear to be expensive expenses, but they will improve the comfort and productivity.


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