Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist Top Tips for Buying

Concession trailers for sale Craigslist Already know used food trailers for sale by owner? Or want know concession trailer for sale?

Is not always available in the best condition. The challenge of finding the perfect trailer has been compared to choose which of your favorite kid. An impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be so dramatic.

There are big differences in trailer type and function, where it gets tricky. They have specific industrial needs. But truck drivers should be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of these common rules.

Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist

Top Tips for Buying Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist

#1. Tires, Wheels, and Lubricants

Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist

When looking for things like any damage on the wheels, look for signs of alignment issues with tire wear. It is defined as excessive wear over the entire surface of the tread where the most rapid wear is on the outer or inner, also the rib and each of the adjacent ribs are worn.

Excessive toe-in is the primary cause of this condition. Look for rapid shoulder wear on one side, the condition related to trailer misalignment. Excessive camber and a misaligned or bent axle will lead to this shoulder wear. Trailer tires have a history of neglect and under inflation.

Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist

Tires that are under-inflated specifications amplify these wear conditions and reduced fuel economy on concession trailers for sale Craigslist. With lubricants, you want to check the internal contamination includes slag, metal, water and rust. If the axle is disconnected, the vibratory can force contamination to the end of the wheel. Rust forms when water condenses in the pipe.

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Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist #2. Brakes and Lights

Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist

When it comes to stopping power, it’s a good idea to test the automatic application of the spring brakes. Air is within normal operating range and trailer is fully loaded. You should feel air escaping from the trailer spring brakes. If the trailer spring brakes do not apply, they are faulty.

#3. Transmission

While fully automatic transmissions are more prevalent in the Class 68 market, manual and automated transmission remain dominant in the used market of concession trailers for sale Craigslist. The manual is a proven workhorse, but given the continuing shortage, the automated manual transmission (AMT) has grown in popularity and is widely available.

The AMT combines the benefits of a clutch-operated manual gearbox with a gearbox actuator and computer controller clutch. This can extend transmission life and increase fuel efficiency. Pricing is also more favorable on AMTs than the newer generation of fully automatic transmissions.

But for general ease of use, low maintenance costs and availability of parts, nothing beats the manual transmission. All of this reminds us that brake systems do serious work in heavy concession trailers for sale Craigslist.

In the used market, Class 46 vehicles tend to use hydraulic systems and air disc brakes, while Class 8 trucks also use drum brakes. Heavy-duty brakes like these have a long track record of stopping power, longer pad and rotor life, and corrosion resistance.

Concession Trailers for Sale Craigslist #4. Watch Trailers

In addition to a review of the basic systems, look its service records, checks major parts, and a source of spare parts. The most popular used trailers would be equipped with E-track and other load securing systems to secure cargo; spring suspensions for sensitive loads; and air suspension to help reduce cargo damage.

In the refrigerated segment, trailers with heavy-duty insulation floors, temperature controls, and multi-compartment systems are “hot” right now. Flatbed semi-trailers are also in high demand, including those with a lighter flatbed constructed of aluminum and steel for greater capacity.

Buying used concession trailers for sale Craigslist doesn’t have to be a hassle. Knowing how to appraise a trailer and purchase well-maintained from a reputable dealer, give you a confidence.


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