Craigslist Food Trailer for Sale by Owner, Best Buy Rules

Craigslist Food Trailer for sale by owner Trucksbrands.Com Already know used food trailers for sale by owner? Or want know food truck for sale craigslist illinois?

Offers you different condition and model. Food trailers are expensive, and many people cannot afford the extra payment for a new food trailer. However, buyers should protect themselves from fraud and other unsavory business practices.

Keep in mind that buying a used food trailer from a private seller doesn’t give you many protections like when buying from a dealer. A private seller does not have a professional reputation to protect. However, there are plenty of great deals on Craigslist that you can take if you follow a few simple rules.

Craigslist Food Trailer for Sale by Owner

  • 8×16 Food Truck $22,000
  • Food Trailer – US made $42,000
  • 1975 Airstream Food Trailer $50,000
  • 8.5′ x 21’Event Catering Concession Food Trailer $45,000
  • Mobile Food Trailer $38,000
  • Food trailer $26,500
  • Food Trailer for sale $20
  • 2021 foos trailer $20,000
  • 7×14 Kitchen Food Trailer $22,000
  • Food Trailer for sale ..OBO $7,500
  • Enclosed gooseneck trailer $31,500


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#1. Rules For Shopping Craigslist Food Trailer for Sale by Owner

Craigslist Food Trailer for Sale by Owner

Used food trailers are cheaper than new, but you should budget for maintenance costs. If you buy a food trailer and then find that you need to do some braking work in a few months, it does not mean that you bought a car in poor condition.

Most used food trailers require around a thousand dollars in maintenance each year. This is a situation that you want to avoid when buying a food trailer. Also, beware of buyers who take your money and promise to deliver at a later date. There are many scams that can be avoided by following these rules.

• Find a reliable seller on Craigslist
• Make sure the photos match the list
• Ask the right questions
• Open the hood before and after the test drive
• If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

#2. Search For a Used Food Trailer

Craigslist Food Trailer for Sale by Owner

Let’s say you’ve decided you need a 2009 food trailer with less than 100,000 miles on the clock. With that information, simply navigate to and select the area you want and decide whether you buy a used food trailer from a car dealer, an individual, or both.

Enter the specific criteria to filter the results. If you don’t see your search, expand the details to include model years or higher mileage. However, if that search doesn’t come up, use the “Save Search” option and Craigslist will automatically notify you when a used vehicle that matches your criteria appears.

#3. Ensure the Photos

Craigslist Food Trailer for Sale by Owner

When you start looking on Craigslist food trailer for sale by owner, the first thing to do is to remove any ads that don’t have photos. If a seller doesn’t upload a photo, you don’t want to do business with that person. The more photos, the more likely the seller is honest with their offer.

If the offer says the food trailer is a standard transmission but the photo shows an automatic transmission, the offer has been disqualified. Please do not call the seller for an explanation. If he can’t get the offer properly, you don’t want to waste your time on them.

#4. Go For the Test Drive

You should always look under the hood before getting into a food trailer. It’s also a good idea to have a mechanic to check that all of the brake lights and turn signals. When lifting the hood, look for signs of moisture or leakage. You can even take a photo of the engine for reference before the test drive.

After a short test drive, open the hood again. For example, if there is any coolant leak? You can compare your old photo of the engine to the look of the rear engine if there are any problems when buying on Craigslist food trailer for sale by owner.

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