Craigslist Tractor Trailers for Sale

Craigslist Tractor Trailers for Sale Inspection Tips

Craigslist tractor trailers for sale Already know craigslist semi trucks for sale by owner georgia? Or want know craigslist california semi trucks for sale by owner?

Is available in vary. Tractor trailers are very dependent since they live for long-haul. It’s not surprising that the majority of truck buyers do their own preliminary inspections. Many people hire a trusted mechanic to do the inspection. But an experienced owner can recognize the signs of a well truck and the one without proper maintenance.

If you are planning to become an owner who needs to haul heavy equipment between construction sites or haul livestock, you will need to buy a tractor truck. If you’re looking for a truck tractor, seek an advice and inspect these things before bidding.

Inspection Tips for Craigslist Tractor Trailers for Sale

• Engine

Craigslist Tractor Trailers for Sale

The engine can tell you a lot of information about a truck. Pull the hood up and check for any signs of leaks. A leak means the engine need a repair, even not an expensive repair. Start the engine; let it run for a few minutes. When the engine warms up, you should not notice any smoke from the exhaust.

If there is smoke in blue or white color, it a sign the engine is burning. Listen for knocks coming from the engine as an indicator the engine needs to be examined closely. While inspecting from one model on Craigslist tractor trailers for sale, check if the engine meets the emissions standards. Keep in mind that each country has its own standards for tractor truck.


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• Axle Configuration, Horsepower and Capacity

Craigslist Tractor Trailers for Sale

Check the axle configuration and transport regulations. Be sure to purchase the correct configuration (4×2, 4×4, 6×4, etc.) for what you will be hauling. Consider the terrain and the type of riding. Will you be hauling loads for long distances over hilly terrain or making short trips around town?

Select on Craigslist tractor trailers for sale that has the right horsepower for the type of business and movement. Ask yourself what capacity you need for a tractor truck to haul around town, check the weight of your trailer and excavator to determine the right capacity. Find a good source for this type of information.

• Maintenance Records

Craigslist Tractor Trailers for Sale

If your engine has already been overhauled, check the maintenance records. Look for engine that has been done on repair. The maintenance log should give you a good idea of ​​how the truck has been maintained and let you know if the oil has been changed regularly.

Most mechanics will write the date of the last mileage for an oil change. Check to see if this date is correct with the records. A Craigslist tractor trailers for sale with worn brake pads can still be a good investment. Replacing brake pads is a relatively inexpensive and should be done as soon as possible.

• Cabin

See inside the cabin and observe the general condition of the interior. Is the wear reasonable for the age of the tractor? Check the odometer and the mileage. For a car, anything near 300,000 could be a sign for replacement, but for an off-road truck, mileage isn’t as important as the overall condition of the truck.

If the odometer shows 400-500K, take a closer look at the engine on any model on Craigslist tractor trailers for sale. It may be time for less expensive in-house overhaul to ensure the tractor continue to perform for many years to come.

• Create a Shortlist

Although they are used trucks, their characteristics are largely influenced by the models and the manufacturer. This means you still need to do your homework on the features and specifications of different models.

It is best to choose between three models on Craigslist tractor trailers for sale from different manufacturers with the size and power you want. You should also have a range of years, makes, features and functions.

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