Epoxy Bed Liner

Epoxy Bed Liner: Why You Shouldn’t Use It?

Epoxy bed liner Trucksbrands.com Already know urethane vs epoxy bed liner? Or want know dupont epoxy bed liner?

Has its own pros and cons. A common way to cover a truck floor is to use the same products. The bedspread provides a durable covering when carrying tools, equipment, loose loads and other materials. Because the bedspread works well in a bed, many owners use the bed cover in the cabin hoping the same results.

Unfortunately, bedspread is not a good choice. The health risks associated with the bedspread and the toxic of its chemical constituents mean you are exposed to unhealthy fumes. However, there are options for the same durable, hard-wearing finish without health risks.

Health Risks of Epoxy Bed Liner

Epoxy Bed Liner

Automakers have applied bedspreads to create attractive and durable finishes for their beds. Recent studies have shown that autoworkers who spraying their bedspreads have a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer.

The are now taking more care in the bed cover application. With the right combination of air filters, masks and protective gear, it is possible for professionals to apply a bed cover with minimal risk. Truck owners applying bed cover can take similar precautions, including wearing masks, gloves, long pants and long sleeves.

Epoxy Bed Liner

The fumes released when applying the epoxy bed liner can be toxic, but the risks can be reduced with the right precautions. So, apply the same products in an enclosed cab is dangerous due to long-term health risks.


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Problems In an Enclosed Space

Epoxy Bed Liner

As with varnish or clear coat, the bedspread creates fumes when applied. Appropriate face masks with appropriate filters and skin protection reduce contact when spraying the bedspread. It is impossible to completely avoid contact when spraying it in your garage.

Even if you could, the health risks don’t stop after it dries in an enclosed vehicle. The epoxy bed liner is derived from its main ingredients, polyurethane, which contains methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), a chemical known as an allergen and sensitizer.

It has been linked to cancerous lung tumors. At the heart of the problem is MDI. This compound is necessary for polyurethane products but, like other isocyanate chemicals, it is an aggressive and sensitizing allergen. Contact with MDI can cause respiratory distress, while some people can experience extremely violent reactions.

Health Problems Caused By MDI

With many toxic chemicals, low level MDI in epoxy bed liner can cause health problems in susceptible people. Many people exposed to MDI have difficulty breathing also throat and chest discomfort, much like a bronchitis. Continued exposure can make an individual more susceptible and at risk.

MDI in your body can lead to health problems such as asthma or cancerous lung, although these may not appear for many years. Direct skin or eye contact with MDI should be avoided. Even a small amount may cause swelling, blistering or reddening of the skin.

Some people who contact with MDI from epoxy bed liner confuse their symptoms with an allergic reaction. Washing the affected area with soap or rinsing the eyes with water may reduce the effect, but the itching and discoloration may last for hours.

Once you contact with MDI, your skin will be more sensitive. Ingestion may also be possible when spraying a bedspread. If you accidentally ingest MDI, vomiting should be avoided. The chemicals irritate the tissues of your mouth and throat.

Instead, rinse your mouth several times with water. Seek immediate medical attention and tell your doctor what you have ingested. A small amount of MDI in epoxy bed liner is not immediately toxic, although larger amounts can be a real threat for health.

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