F150 Tailgate Liner, How Many Gallons Do You Need?

F150 Tailgate Liner Trucksbrands.Com Already know weathertech tailgate liner? Or want know ford oem tailgate protector?

F150 tailgate liner could be the accessory you may need, even you don’t have a plan regarding the liner paint job. You will get the best protection if you’re careful throughout the process. But there are issues that creates the job even tougher for DIY project. Leave it to the professionals if you don’t have any experience.

F150 Tailgate Liner

F150 Tailgate Liner

• How Many Gallons Of F150 Liner Do You Need?

In most cases, you need one gallon of liners for 2 coats. One gallon of Bedliner can cover 1,604 sq. unit. A compact truck, to hide its bed flooring, you’ll be able to install a liner with no waste. For covering the wrap over the rails and the walls, you’ll need 2.5 gallons.

Numerous factors affecting on the F150 tailgate liner coverage, you’ll need to calculate the total necessities. Get the measurement of the bed along with the purpose for depth, length, and dimension. Use the length to multiply it by the width. Add the length and the width then multiply by 2.

If you are doing the calculation properly, it’ll show you the need. It’s best to estimate 10-20% more materials because there’s an opportunity of waste, overspray, or surface irregularities. It depends on the bed’s size.

• How Long To Install Tailgate Liner?

F150 Tailgate Liner

It takes between three and six hours to put in a liner. The whole method takes somehow twenty four hours. You must speak with the dealers because the period varies. You cannot use your truck when the liner is completed even the liners dry in minutes.

You may wonder why it takes a day to liners dry. Well, it’s because you must leave the bed liner material to totally cure before heavy-duty use. It’s robust enough to face up to scratches, corrosion, abrasion, and so on. So, don’t worry when shipping heavy tools after the liner dry.

• Custom Colored Tailgate Liner

There’s nothing more attention than a color liner. This look will be simply achieved with Spray Lining and Coatings custom color bedliner. The method starts with applying a premium bed liner you customize to your taste. This process permits you to regulate the texture, build up areas of imperfection, or apply extra coats for additional protection.

If your base bedliner application is complete, apply the colored bedliner to your specific color choice. The topcoat isn’t a paint, but a polyurea bedliner material. This ensures a whole bond with the bed and provides the protection for years.

F150 tailgate liner offers Highest level of protection from UV rays, color fade, dulling surface, custom colors, even pearls and metallics. There’s no risk of improper adhesion, flaking, or peeling once painting a bedliner. You get all the impact and tear protection you expect.

Spray Lining protective coatings will be applied over an existing polyurea bedliner and bring a similar bond as once applied. The top result will be a thicker bedliner with additional protection.

• The Way To Line Your Truck Tailgate Liner

First of all, wash the truck to free from protectants or wax and enable the truck to dry completely. Use 36-grit sandpaper to scuff the bed’s surface to enable the F150 tailgate liner to stick perfectly. Clean the sanding mud and dust properly. Choose the areas you don’t wish with masking tape.

Use any primer with your kit to coat the bed. There’s nothing wrong with spraying over liners by the correct preparation of the surface. Use the applicator with a pressure based on the manufacturer’s level. The ultimate step starts now.

Fill the hopper then spray the floor with the gun 18-inches away. Apply long and sweeping motions to vary the spray methods for avoiding patterns. It’s best to apply skinny coats by following a 10-minutes drying time in between till you get the specified thickness of F150 tailgate liner.

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