Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale

Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale – Craigslist Selling Tips Without Getting Robbed

Flatbed Tow Truck for sale Trucksbrands.Com Already know used tow trucks for sale by owner? Or want know used tow trucks for sale near me?

Craigslist will give a decent money if you know how to do it safely. Craigslist is an incredibly popular place to sell a used truck. Many people have found it pretty easy to sell a truck on Craigslist with no issues. The nature of selling on Craigslist attracts scammers from overseas.

Selling a truck on Craigslist covers all of the basics, one little slip here or there can lead to major trauma in the long run, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you lose your mind.

Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale

Safe Selling on Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale – Craigslist

  • 1995 UD 1800 Rollback Flatbed Tow truck $24,500
  • 2007 GMC Sierra 3500 HD 4×4 Wrecker Tow Truck Low Miles Mint! – AS LOW AS $49/wk $34,995
  • Tow truck $10,500
  • 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins $22,000
  • towing ‘equipment*Flatbed Tow truck*Tow truck *service services $1,234 (los angeles central LA 213/323 )
  • Car, Truck, Tow, Towing, Hauling, Transport Moving $1 ( san gabriel valley )
  • Towing tow truck flatbed hauling, hauler, transport $1 (Anywhere san gabriel valley )
  • Tow truck $55,000 (Moreno Valley central LA 213/323 )
  • 2015 Isuzu NRR flat bed Tow Truck $59,995 (Bell central LA 213/323 )
  • 2019 FORD F550 SUPER DUTY ROLLBACK TOW TRUCK 6.8L GAS POWER $74,900 (SAN JOSE san fernando
  • 2017 FREIGHTLINER M2 106 ROLLBACK TOW TRUCK-NON CDL $74,900 (SAN JOSE westside-southbay-310 )
  • 2018 Ram 4500 Tow truck $68,999 ( fairfield co, CT )
  • 2015 Ram 4500 Tow Truck, Cummins Engine, Runs 100%,Financing Available $64,995 (NY,NJ,PA,MA,VA new
  • 2007 GMC Sierra 3500 HD 4×4 Wrecker Tow Truck Low Miles Mint! – AS LOW AS $49/wk $34,995 (njy > + Silk City
  • Roll-back Tow Trucks
  • Current Bid: USD $10,200.00


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• Perform extreme cleaning. Your tools should include a single-edged razor to remove stickers, a radiator attachment for a vacuum cleaner (to get into cracks), and undiluted ammonia (for use on cup holders and dashboards).

• Take pictures on a sunny day. Record them in a rural setting with a lush backdrop. It will beat the ads competition with photos taken in front of vacant lots. Select at least eight photos. Don’t make buyers wonder if there’s a dirt fender on the other side.

• Set up a Gmail or Hotmail address, such as Ford2003, to receive messages. The purpose of not using your usual address is not for security reason (no killers find victims by getting an email), rather than for privacy. Spammers extract email from the web. For a similar reason, you probably shouldn’t publish your phone number.

• Use a safe place to meet your buyer from Craigslist. this means that you don’t have to give directions and sellers don’t know where you live. Choose the parking lot of a substation, even a mall, if the buyer wants to see a flatbed tow truck for sale – Craigslist.

Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale

• Evaluate your truck at a low price, say 20% off from the Kelley Blue Book. Kelley’s pricing is a little high and you want your ad to get a lot of reactions. You can filter buyers over the phone to avoid wasting your time. Don’t take a test drive with someone unwilling to pay the full sale price. add careful details about features like air conditioning and engine size, as well as the fact that you are the original owner.

Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale

• Consider to test drive. Of course, you will be concerned about handing the keys to a stranger. Sometimes it is suggested that you accompany him, but this is not a good idea. Would you like to sit in the front seat with a thief at the wheel?

Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale

A proven strategy: ask him to see a driver’s license, take a picture of him, and immediately email the photo to a friend. The email is there to protect you in case you throw your phone in the pond after disposing of your body.

Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale

• Bring papers for the test drive: a printout from Kelley showing your buyer that you are getting a bargain; Photocopy of your title; two copies of a sales contract stating the price, your name and the name of the buyer.

Flatbed Tow Truck for Sale

Bring a dealer sticker with all the specifications and a folder with the receipts for each repair of flatbed tow truck for sale – Craigslist. When the buyer is ready to buy, suggest they both sign and pay a $100 or more for deposit from them.

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