Food Trucks for Sale in NC, Learn the Startup Cost Here

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Must be assessed carefully on the cost. The popularity of food trucks has on the rise. What started as a fad became mainstream. As a result, restaurant entrepreneurs have turned to food trucks as a lower-cost, lower-risk alternative compared to traditional restaurants.

However, it is essential to know the potential costs of food trucks before trying one. Even if food truck owners want to open physical stores, starting with a truck is a smart way to try out different neighborhoods, tweaking dishes, and build a market.

Startup Cost on Food Trucks for Sale in NC

#1. Kitchen Equipment

Food Trucks for Sale in NC

The equipment depends on the food. Common appliances are ovens, fryers, grills and refrigerators. Other may include pots and pans, containers and knives, serving tools and other utensils. Appliances can cost thousands of dollars, and supplies like pots, pans, and other can cost a few thousand.

It may make more sense to rent appliances first to figure out what you really need before buying food trucks for sale in NC. Count more for menu items and dinnerware such as plates, cups, lids, and napkins. Don’t forget items such as cooking oil, spices and more. Startup costs for food truck can around $300.


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#2. License and Permit Cost

Food Trucks for Sale in NC

For a year, an entrepreneur spends an average of $28,276 on permits, licenses and legal compliance. The permits and licenses to operate a food truck fall under five categories: administration, menu safety, vehicle requirements, employment and zoning.

The costs vary by location, but the best cities for food trucks are Denver, Portland, Orlando, Oregon, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis. The five toughest cities for food trucks for sale in NC are Minneapolis, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, and Seattle.

Indianapolis has the lowest fee at $590, while Boston at $17,066 (Seattle has the next highest fee at $6,211). If you take the equation and calculate the average permit and license costs on 19 major food truck cities, the average rates are around $1,864.

Food truck location is everything. Decide where to start your food trucks for sale in NC, think about whether the permit and city license, and other costs associated with running your business, are prohibitive.

#3. Operating Costs

Food Trucks for Sale in NC

The costs associated with running your business have nothing to do with food. Gas, insurance (car liability, general liability, workers’ compensation, etc.), permits, licenses, maintenance, equipment and supplies are all important items to consider for budgeting and how you will make profit.

The average permits and licenses are $1,864. Fuel and maintenance costs vary, but average $500 and $1,000 respectively. There are some operating costs you can’t control, like permits and licenses. But there are ways to lower your bills, buy used food trucks for sale in NC for example.

#4. Buying or Renting

The biggest question is whether to lease or buy their vehicle and it will have effect on overall costs. You can spend between $75,000 and $150,000 on a new truck, and it takes months to build. Used trucks typically cost between $40,000 and $80,000, and you can start using them immediately.

The cost of renting depends on the lease, but if it’s longer than six months, it should be around $2,000 to $3,000 per month. The costs of starting a food truck business can quickly out of control, so avoid buying new food trucks for sale in NC, high-quality tools and appliances.

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