Ford Factory Bed Liner

Ford Factory Bed Liner Compares to Line-X

Ford factory bed liner Already kow ford f150 drop in bed liner? Or want know ford bed liner spray?

Offers no brainer protection. But new truck mostly comes with a factory bed liner. If you’re a truck user who always move and forth, you would like something sturdy than the factory bed liner.

If you utilize your truck for hauling, carrying, working, and so forth — it’s a decent plan to add second bed liner after you purchased your vehicle. Learn here why buying an after-market liner is the smartest thing you’ll do to shield your investment.

• Basic Protection

Ford Factory Bed Liner

Truck makers like Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, and Dodge make trucks that are powerful and last. When it comes to protection and durability, we are not speaking about chassis or engine, we can concentrate on protecting the bed and its exterior.

Manufacturers know vehicles, we all know bed protection. That means you get superior protection as a result of it. Bed liner offers protection against gouges and corrosion.

• How Ford Factory Bed Liner Is Prepped

Ford Factory Bed Liner

Trucks are factory-made with plant floor through an assembly line. Once it involves prepping beds for the spray liner, manufacturers use adhesion promoters as their preferred method of making a bond for Ford factory bed liner before it sprayed to produce more at the facility.

Ford Factory Bed Liner

They use an automaton to spray the coat into the bed. The down aspect to this methodology is that it creates a weak bond between the paint liner and the surface. If you use the bed over time the liners bond can break. At LINE-X, the prep including sand the coat and use alcohol to clear the bed like a bodyshops do for paint. This method creates the strongest bond between the bed and the liner.

• How Ford Factory Bed Liner Is Applied

As mentioned earlier, automakers use automatons to spray their liners. The issue is a giant piece of kit might not reach to some spaces. As a result, beds are designed and assembled with imperfections. To illustrate, Ford tapes around their cleat accent system rather than removing them.

This leaves your bed color showing through the open cleat and leaves. All manufacturers tape around their bed lights, bed switches, and so forth while tailgates often won’t be wrapped fully. LINE-X will take away all manufacturing screws bolts and bed accessories, with the tailgate. It’s to confirm your truck is 100 percent protected.

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• Thicker Means Better

Once it involves Ford factory bed liner, it should seem to be a no brainer that each product is sprayed at a similar thickness. But this is beyond the truth. The thicker the liner, the better. Manufacturer coatings are between 60-80 mm thick, providing tight coverage.

Some liner competitors spray 30-60 mm thick. The DYI work mostly applied at 20 mm. To assist, the thickness a customary ID card is 10-13 mm thick. Overall, 60 mm is the mininum thickness for a bedliner to possess structural strength. As you’ll imagine, this wide thickness provide a variation in bed protection.

• Protection And Warranty

Consider a Ford factory bed liner as a sunscreen. A DYI bedliner is sort of a single coat of SPF 8, while different bedliners has SPF 25 and automakers SPF 30. LINE-X is applied equally and systematically at 100 mm thickness to supply superior protection with SPF 80.

LINE-X will be sprayed at any desired thickness for people who would like more protection. DYI provides no warrant, competitors offer warranties only with ownership. Makers offer three years or 36,000 miles against defects. LINE-X provides a life time warranty against breakage sound flaking and more.

High-quality liner is applied attentively to detail while not cutting corners. LINE-X continues to be the leader in coating, employed over hundred locations. For serious protection, get a Ford factory bed liner. Get the most out of your bed to defend your investment.

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