Forever Black Bed Liner Gel, How to Make It Spotlessly Shine?

Forever Black Bed Liner Gel

Protects the interior of bed from damage. But these coatings tend to trap dirt and debris even when you don’t use them regularly. If you want to keep it clean and nice, your bedspread must be in top condition and clean.

This guide is to help you keep your truck bed spotlessly clean. There is no fits approach to clean the bedspread. You need to learn them the specific care to keep your bed looking spotlessly new.

• Wash the bed thoroughly

Forever Black Bed Liner Gel

Once you have washed the dirt, use a detergent for washing. You can use regular car soap or household detergents, but make sure they don’t contain chemicals harmful that contain chlorine. Apply soap to the bed cover and use a stiff bristle brush to remove stains from the surface of the covers.

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• Remove dirt

Forever Black Bed Liner Gel

Remove dirt or debris on Forever Black Bed Liner Gel with a simple push broom before spraying water to facilitate the cleaning process. You can use a small brush if you want to get into small gaps and cracks.

Forever Black Bed Liner Gel • Spray the bedspread

Forever Black Bed Liner Gel

Use a water sprayer to clean the cover. A pressure washer can be used to remove dirt from the corners. Use a broom when cleaning the liner to remove water and dirt from the truck, or point the water sprayer in a direction so everything comes out. You can dump the water on the cover to clean it.

• Rinse and dry the blanket

Use a pressure washer jet to rinse the cover. Make sure all corners are neatly trimmed. You will notice that the liner starts to shine after rinsing. Once everything is washed and clean, place it outside to dry. Use a dry cloth to clean the damp cover. Make sure the Forever Black Bed Liner Gel is dry to prevent mold or other fungus from forming.

• How can I keep my spray clean?

Just wash it with water. You can power wash with detergent and a heavy dusting brush. Do not use silicone-based products as this will reduce its slip resistance. Periodic application of bedding conditioner after cleaning will keep the cover in pristine condition.

Forever Black Bed Liner • How to remove gelcoat

Forever Black Bed Liner Gel is the protective coating and can be left alone or painted over. Over time the gelcoat can fade, oxidize and become pitted and bumpy. If the damage is extensive, the gelcoat should be removed. Just use a sandblaster to remove the gelcoat and lightly sand the gelcoat.

The gelcoat is thin and can be easily sanded off in a short time. Grind the gelcoat away from the fiberglass using a 36 grit screen discs on a soft grinder. Keep the grinder at a low angle to prevent the gelcoat from slipping. Scrub the entire area with detergent, then rinse with clean water.

This removes any contaminants left on the surface. Smooth the area once the surface is dry. Some contaminants escape during the drying process. The area is now ready to be repaired or covered with new Forever Black Bed Liner Gel.

• How to remove forever black bed liner gel


A bed cover will protect your truck bed from scratches, bumps and spills. Removing dried paint from the bedspread is much easier than from the floor. Apply a small amount of paint thinner to the area and let the thinner for a few minutes.

Scrub the stain on the bedspread with a medium-grade brush. Use a towel to clean it. Repeat the process until the Forever Black Bed Liner Gel is completely removed. The paint may take several applications to completely peel off.


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