Heavy Duty Truck Winches

Best Heavy Duty Truck Winches For Sale in the World

Heavy Duty Truck Winches Trucksbrands.Com Already know 30,000 lb electric winch? Or want know hydraulic winch for semi truck? What Is So Fascinating About Heavy Duty Truck Winches?

You’ll discover a number of winches, mount plates and accessories to acquire your UTV equipped and prepared to roll. Trailer winches enable you to pull your boat on the trailer whenever it’s on an inclined launching ramp.

By Scott Henze While there is in factn’t much to them, trailer winches are among the most significant and underrated parts of equipment you possess. Purchasing the ideal jeep winch is just one of the greatest investments you may make to supply your SUV a lifeline for those times when things fail.

As you will notice within all our recommended winches, they’re all electrically operated and for good reason. In many scenarios, a very simple hand winch will secure the business done.


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Heavy Duty Truck Winches

Stallion’ – 25000Lb Winch

Regular price


  • Voltage
  • Cable or Rope
  • Add Fuse & Holder 500A Inline $35.00
  • Add a 500A inline fuse and fuse holder – acts as a circuit breaker to protect your winch, vehicle and cabling.
  • Add Battery Isolation Switch 2000A $69.00
  • Add a battery isolation switch rated to 500A continuous or 2000A (10 seconds)
  • Add Neoprene Winch Cover $69.00
  • Add a neoprene winch cover to suit your winch. The cover is black, waterproof with Sherpa winches logo.
  • Add Pulley Block 10MT $59.00
  • Used for double line winch recoveries. Sherpa blocks are greaseable and are supplied in a carry pouch.
  • Winch Rope Recovery Pulley $79.00
  • A recovery pulley for use with synthetic rope winches. Rated to 22,000 lb.
  • Add Soft Recovery Shackle 35,000 lb $45.00
  • 3/8″ inner / 6″ loop diameter / Outer protective jacket / USA Spectra Fiber
  • Add Extended Battery Cables $99.00
  • Add extended battery cables. A set of red and black cables. Length is 10ft each cable.
  • Add Wireless Remote Kit $119.00

Stallion’ 25,000Lb Electric Motor Truck Winch

Designed and built for clients running larger, heavier, fully loaded trucks like the Mitsubishi Canters and NPS, Iveco’s, Unimogs and MAN. Ideal for 4×4, touring and difficult recoveries.

Winch Dimensions and Bolting Pattern

Sherpa have been been designing and building winches for many years and what makes them different from others is that they listen to customer requests and feedback and continually look to improve. Customers with large trucks have been looking for economically viable, stronger electric winches to remove the dependence on hydraulic solutions and Sherpa has now delivered.

Whilst this winch is name plated at 25,000 lb, it’s true capacity far exceeds this and it achieves over 30,000 lb pulling power before other components start reaching their design limits. Sherpa take an over-engineered and conservative approach to design which ensures their winches perform and are not operating on their limits.

The Stallion has a brand new heavy duty 8.9 hp electric motor combined with a new gearbox ratio. Upgraded bushes help this winch to perform under the high demands and stresses of heavy vehicle recovery. As with all Sherpa winches, the Stallion comes with a genuine Albright International solenoid pack ensuring it’s waterproof and the most reliable on the market.

Available with 100ft (30m) of 0.472″ (12mm) synthetic rope (rated to 31,000 lb) or 0.472″ (12mm) steel cable (rated to 30,000 lb) in 12V or 24V, there’s a solution for a range of popular trucks on the market.

Why are Sherpa winches different to the competition?

Tried and Tested – Sherpa 4×4 winches have been designed and built with many years experience in the winching and lifting business. These winches have been through many stages of testing and improvements to deliver a product Sherpa 4×4 is proud to offer to the public. Proven performers under water in the muddiest rain forests on the planet recovering ladened trucks to safety. Sealed to water and mud ingress, they perform reliably in the toughest outback conditions.

Tough & Durable – The winch is designed to survive in all conditions, with 316 stainless steel componentry and machined aluminum mounts, this winch will stand up to all environments.
Braking Design – Beware of cheap imitations! Many winches on the market use the old cable winch ‘Brake in drum’ design which causes heat to build up in the winch damaging synthetic rope. ‘Brake in Drum’ winches were never intended for use with synthetic ropes and this will become obvious at the most inconvenient time. Sherpa winches are compatible with all types of synthetic rope as the brake is designed into the gearbox. This innovative design results in a trouble and heat free winch and braking combination.

Quality gearboxes – Other brands use sintered steel to make their gears. In this process heat and pressure is used to cast shapes from powdered steel. Sintered gears are unpredictable and not as strong as gears that are CNC cut from quality billet steel. Sherpa demand the highest quality components for every step of the winch build meaning they deliver stronger winches that last. New higher load brass bushes are incorporated into the Stallion’s gearbox to handle the increased loads.

Electrics – Sherpa 4×4 winches come standard with fully sealed, water tight, heavy duty, genuine Albright solenoids. A common failure for winches is the solenoid so why use anything but the best? Sherpa only offer Albright solenoids across our complete range of winches because they work. Don’t waste your time with imitations, demand the best and enjoy the performance. Sherpa winches are IP68.

Powerful- Sherpa 4×4 winches come with massive series wound motors featuring higher amounts of copper in the winding’s then others. By specifying the best motors across the entire winch range, you are ensured a more durable winch which can withstand the extreme conditions recovery brings. The Stallion has the new 8.9 hp motor which produces increased torque at lower temperatures meaning you can winch for longer under higher loads. This new motor allows Sherpa to move into new performance figures never seen before.
Simplicity – Sherpa 4×4 winches are supplied with the parts and materials making installation easy for the home mechanic. Included is all mounting hardware to fit your winch and control box to the bar.

Fair leads & Hawse – Depending on if you’re after the synthetic rope or the steel cable a 4 roller fairlead or aluminium hawse will be supplied. An offset aluminium hawse can also be supplied on request.

Warranty and Parts – Sherpa 4×4 offers a 5 Year warranty on the 25,000lb Stallion winch. An economical range of spares are always available for existing Sherpa customers.
Options – A ‘Plug n Play’ wireless remote kit can be supplied if wireless operation is required. Sherpa 4×4 also advises all winches be wired with a battery isolation switch rated to 500A continuous duty (2 isolation switches will be required for dual motor winches running two batteries).

Genuine Albright Solenoids

All Sherpa 4×4 winches come with genuine Albright solenoids! Incorporated into the electrics is a custom made version of the DC88P solenoid designed specifically by Albright International for the Sherpa 4×4 control boxes. With 70 years experienced in contactor design, these are by far the best winch solenoids available.

Capable of handling up to 800 amps, almost twice the maximum capacity of the winch. Contact plating is second to none, increasing the duty cycle over other winches. As seen in our water submersion testing videos the Albright solenoids can be run for significant time under water without moisture ingress. The cheap Chinese solenoids used in the majority of winches will fail under extreme conditions and under high amperage load.

What is included in the Sherpa winch kits:

Sherpa winches are supplied as a kit with all the items required for a standard winch installation. See the images here showing the parts included for synthetic rope and steel cable models.


-Winch (fitted with either synthetic rope or steel cable as per your choice)

-Aluminium hawse or roller fairlead (synthetic rope winches will have an aluminium hawse, steel cable winches will come with a roller fairlead)

-Control box with internal Albright solenoid

-Wired hand remote (wireless remotes are an optional extra)

-All cabling (5 cables are already incorporated into the control box, a separate earth cable is provided)

-Winch hook with strap

-Winch and control box mounting bolts

-Control box mounting brackets (In most cases the control box is flush mounted to the bulbar using bolts internal to the control box housing and DOES NOT require a bracket. See the winch manual on the Sherpa Data Sheets page for instructions on mounting. The brackets included allow you to mount the control box directly on top of the winch by attaching to the winch cross members).

Heavy Duty Truck Winches

The Definitive Approach for Heavy Duty Truck Winches. At a 26 degree incline you’re looking at a capacity of 4,650 lbs. Pulling capacities vary from 1,500lb. What’s more, based on the model from the scope, you can choose smaller to bigger capacities.

If it comes to speed, your load capacity will probably dictate which style you wind up choosing, as a fundamental single speed winch isn’t difficult to utilize for hauling anywhere from 400 to 2,000 pounds of gear short distances.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches Fundamentals Explained. The option of winch load capacities available means that you find it possible to find one to fit your requirements. It is essential for you to decide on and compare the winch choices obtainable for you.

There’s even the choice of picking a synthetic winch rope rather than the steel cable. Finding Heavy Duty Truck Winches on the Web. Practically speaking, the winch provides a level of versatility that supports tow trucks and big vehicles.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches – truck winch bumpers

Heavy Duty Truck Winches

A winch that’s crooked or off-center will make it possible for the cable or strap to load up on a single side of the drum, which may lead to a myriad of problems for you.

Our electric winches incorporate all types of handy features, such as remote controls that permit you to run the rescue operation from any vantage point and potent gear ratios that supply you with the strength necessary to conquer any rescue operation.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches

They have a couple of advantages, the most obvious being that they do all of the hard work for you. Most electric winches utilize steel cable since they’re handling larger loads.

Lucky for you, in the event the sort of task you wish to get a winch for is very similar to what I mentioned previously, you don’t require an expensive, heavy-duty truck winch.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches – best heavy-duty truck winch

Heavy Duty Truck Winches

Winches are available in a number of configurations making it simple to obtain a Sherpa 4×4 winch that will fit your four wheel drive and recovery application. Hydraulic operated winches do have their benefits since they may be used for much bigger weight capacities.

Let’s look at five of the best-selling electric-powered winches available on the market today and find out how they compare. The Heavy Duty Truck Winches Stories.

As an authorized dealer of Smittybilt Products, you are given a complete manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase from us. Each winch manufacturer typically defines heavy duty winch by the kind of application where the winch will be used. It is critical to buy foreign products.

The kind of winch you need differs, based on a few variables like the pulling weight and there a range of the aspects to lead you towards buying the very best winch for the cost.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches – biggest winch in the world

If you are in need of a budget winch and you may swing somewhat more coin, we’d definitely select the M8000 over the XRC. Every winch also has a remote control that enables you to operate the device from a secure distance.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches

Nearly all winches in the marketplace these days are planetary types. Most winches in the marketplace these days are planetary types. The sole hydraulic winches in the marketplace come from Mile Marker.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches

Sherpa 4×4 winches offer you the best in performance and dependability! Where to Begin on Winch Types While on the market for a Winch Accessory Kit, you are going to discover that there are a couple of different kinds of winch available.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches

Add to that list some excellent waterproofing ratings and total installation kits, and you have yourself some of the greatest winches readily available on the industry.

Heavy Duty Truck Winches – sherpa 25,000 lb winch review

Some winches have a mount plate, but a lot of them do not. Likewise they are designed specifically for a particular machine or brand. The winch and its accessories are primarily accountable for obtaining a truck from the sand or mud once the automobile is stuck.

Furthermore, winches are made to pull weight, not length. Also make certain to carry a spare handle so the winch can be operated manually in case of an electrical failure.

Getting your own winch will make sure that no matter wherever your rig ends up, you’ll most likely be in a position to free it without too much hassle. You might have noticed there are a gazillion different cheap Chinese winches available on the market in the United States.

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