Nissan Frontier Plastic

Nissan Frontier Plastic Bed Liner Installation Prep

Nissan Frontier plastic Bed liner Already know nissan frontier bumper 2022? Or want know nissan frontier front bumper replacement?

Helps you refine the bed. If you’re desperate to turn the appearance while not having the money, one possibility is to color the present plastics. There’s a fast and straightforward to get this done. Either way, it’s cheaper than shopping for new plastics.

Most bed plastics already colored, perhaps with some graphics on them. It’s pretty cool styles since impossible for anyone to recreate with paint. To color plastics, first clean the plastics and sand them down, then take away contaminants that forestall paint from sticking. Use a primer, paint, and prime coat to seal and shield the paint job.

Nissan Frontier Plastic Bed Liner Step by Step

• Clean And Sand

Nissan Frontier Plastic

Begin completely with heat water. This will release all the dirt that stick on the plastic. Next sand the plastic with an 80 grit sand paper. Don’t press too hard because it will make hole in the bed. Plastic that exposed to the sun and different components can get a skinny coating. The purpose of this step is to get rid of that coating.


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• Take Away Contaminants

Nissan Frontier Plastic

Use a cleaning pad or scuff pad like a Scotch pad or Brillo pad. Use like 90% alcohol works as cleaner if you’ve got any parturition around Nissan Frontier plastic bed liner. Scrub with it but avoid to not wear out all elements of the plastic. This determines how well the paint sticks to the plastic.

• Sandblast

Nissan Frontier Plastic

You ought to sand with 200 grit sand paper once more if you see any spots at the beginning with the sandblaster. Use 80 grit aluminium oxide in the sand blaster. If you don’t have it, sand with 400 grit sand paper and scrub again with a cleaner.

• Plastic Cleaner

Get the plastics dry and spray down with a cleaner or degreaser. Products like Surface Cleaner and Degreaser will work fine with Nissan Frontier plastic bed liner. Spray this coat onto the plastics and a second to work. This may dissolve any contaminants on the plastics surface that may forestall the paint. Wait a minute, wipe the cleaner off with a towel.

• Adhesion Promoter

Apply adhesion promoter of some kind. It keeps the paint stuck the plastics for an extended time. It helps your paint job sturdy and forestall chip and cracking. Use Polyvance Plastic Magic for aerosol spray paint which straightforward to figure with. Apply two coats, ensure to dry completely. Let the primary coat dry before applying the second.

• High Build Primer

Apply a high build primer. This step of applying Nissan Frontier plastic bed liner is vital for filling any scratches left by the sanding. Any existing scratches you had is simply covered. Look for the primer to dry before continuing. When the primer has dried, sand it down with 320 grit sand paper.

• Flexible Sealer

Before applying the flexible sealer, fill any gouges and large scratches with a flexible filler like Putty Flex. Let cure and sand down till match the rest of the plastics. The flexible sealer is to be used over any fit plastic parts. If you skip this step, you must a deal with costly repair.

It’s not completely necessary to apply Nissan Frontier plastic bed liner, but can extend the life of the paint. The sealer will shield against cracking due to the warmth of summer and cold of winter. Let the sealer dry before continuing.

• Base Coat And Clear Coat

Use a paint and clear coat. You can continue to use spray cans like Krylon Fusion for plastic. When choosing a top coat, confirm there’s a flex additive in it. Let the paint dry between coats and don’t place too much paint at once.

The paint can run and you need to sand down and begin over to Nissan Frontier plastic bed liner. If you need to sand down the paint, simply sand down to the primer or sealer. Use grit like 600 – 800 and drop to 320. That way you don’t have to re-do the steps from beginning.

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