Old Pickup Trucks for Sale by Owner

Old Pickup Trucks for Sale by Owner Inspection Checklist

Old pickup trucks for sale by owner Trucksbrands.com Already know old pickup trucks for sale cheap? Or want know old trucks for sale craigslist?

Has a different condition. There is a large market for used trucks, both gasoline and diesel. New trucks can be very expensive and cost more, which is driving the used market. A savvy buyer can find a used truck that meets their needs for much less money. There are millions of used trucks for sale across the country.

Using all the tools and the Internet, you will find what you are looking for. Don’t be fooled by the shiny chrome, bells and whistles. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Use these tips for buying a used van so you can avoid a lemon.

Inspection Checklist for Old Pickup Trucks for Sale by Owner

#1. Background Check

Old Pickup Trucks for Sale by Owner

Carfax are a great starting point for your inspection. But these services are sources of information only. If a truck has been in an accident and the owner did not report it to the insurance company, it will not appear in any report. Check the VIN to see if there are any pending recalls.


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#2. Check A Salvage Title

Old Pickup Trucks for Sale by Owner

If the old pickup trucks for sale by owner has a salvage title, it means it was in an accident, total loss, and otherwise repaired. Ask questions to find out what happened and what kind of work was done. Have a mechanic you trust to make sure there’s nothing serious, like a bent frame or broken block.

If a truck has been refurbished due to flood damage, it’s a good idea to move on. Look for bubbles under the paint, water spots on the seat belts, rust inside the cabin. All are signs that the truck was underwater at some point. Some flooding issues are hard to spot unless you look closely.

#3. Check Warranty

Old Pickup Trucks for Sale by Owner

Verify if the transmission and anti-smog system are still under warranty. This is important for old pickup trucks for sale by owner, where repairs to the engine and transmission can be expensive. In this situation, a used truck from a dealership is a better option. They offer a limited warranty and have a detailed inspection.

#4. Check Transmission

For automatic transmission, always check the fluid. It should be reddish with little or no odor. If the fluid is brown and smells like burnt, it has internal problems. For manual, briefly upshift during the test drive and accelerate hard to check the clutch. There should be no slipping or vibration. Turn it up so you can hear the transmission at the top and hear the gears vibration of the driveshaft.

#5. Check Underneath

Look under the old pickup trucks for sale by owner to see if anything is dripping. Leaks under the engine could indicate a serious problem with a front main seal or a faulty water pump. Check the transmission, transfer case and axle housings for oil leaks. Pay attention to the oil from the brake lines and axle bearings. The owner may have washed to hide these issues, but they will show up after a test drive.

#6. Test Drive

After starting the truck, turn off the radio so you can hear the engine. Run the truck for about twenty minutes, accelerate then brake, paying attention to how you feel on the pedals and how responsive the systems are. Listen for noises from under the hood and the exhaust. You don’t want drive a pile of garbage on your way home.

#7. Shifting Gears

For a 4×4 old pickup trucks for sale by owner, put it in all-wheel drive to see if it works, drives both in high and low range. Listen for strange sounds and the squeal of the transfer case. Make sure the front hub locks or the front tires roll. Put it back in two-wheel drive and spin the tires to see if the differential is working.

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