Pickup Truck Bike Rack

Pickup Truck Bike Rack, Know the Type Before Buy

Pickup truck bike rack Trucksbrands.com Already know diy truck bike rack? Or want know truck bike rack hitch?

Is useful to bring your bike along with your car. If you want to take a day trip to a nearby spot, you’ll need to go from point A to point B. A car bike rack is a practical solution. If you’re a cyclist over long distances, you might just see this as an opportunity to do more. But what if you drive a small car or you already use a roof rack? Do not worry. There are different styles of bike racks for cars.

Type of Pickup Truck Bike Rack

#1. Roof rack: the standard option

Pickup Truck Bike Rack

Most full-size cars and almost all SUVs can be equipped with a roof bar. This is the best option and most convenient when you’re not pedaling. The reason is simple: a roof rack mounts on top of your car. You won’t need to assemble and disassemble this rack just to load up the groceries.

Pickup Truck Bike Rack

Another advantage is their capacity. Since they can be as wide as your car, most roof racks will fit up to four bikes, which is enough for the whole family. Though, the roof can be relatively high off the ground, making loading and unloading difficult. Even most compact cars cannot accommodate this rack, making this option impossible.


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#2. Hatchback racks: the right choice for small cars

Pickup Truck Bike Rack

Sedan bike racks are lightweight that hook onto the trunk. Since all cars are shaped differently, you will need to follow the instructions carefully to adjust a roof rack to properly fit your car. Once assembled, these roof bars are easy to load and unload compared to other pickup truck bike rack.

However, some models will prevent you from opening your truck or sedan. Be sure to look carefully at any sedan roof rack you buy to make sure you can open the trunk. Another thing is to make sure the roof rack you want fits your car to begin with.

They are adjustable, but none are universal. If you own a truck, SUV, or car that is roof rack compatible, you’re probably better off using another type of pickup truck bike rack. But if you have a compact car, a hatchback roof rack will do the trick.

#3. Hitch rack: easier for trucks and SUV

While a roof rack will work on a truck or SUV, it will be a headache to load. For larger vehicles, a roof rack is a better option and can hold one to four bikes depending on the design. Though, most truck and SUV drivers will prefer this type of roof rack.

The downside of pickup truck bike rack is that they can make it difficult to get into your sedan. There are two ways to deal with it. The first is to mount and remove the roof rack every time you drive. The other option is to spend a few extra bucks and buy a swing model bike rack.

These roof bars are considerably more practical than a fixed roof rack. Although the smaller versions can only fit one or two bikes, they can be fitted to smaller cars with a lightweight tow bar.

#4. Roof mount racks

This type of pickup truck bike rack is a great choice for serious cycling enthusiasts thanks to its versatility. The moderate cost ($200 to over $500) can increase if you adding more cradles. Many trucks come with rails, mounting points or crossbars to attach the bike racks to.

For vehicles without pre-installed mounting points, you can “build” your own using the specifications of the manufacturer. Roof racks are also ideal for carrying anything from small boats to luggage. Bikes are stowed out of the way, allowing access to the interior of the car.

With a number of mounting systems, a pickup truck bike rack is extremely versatile. With many locking systems available, it is also a safe option. The bikes do not move or swing easily. Lifting and reaching is required to secure the bikes, so this may not be possible.

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