Pickup Truck Headache Rack

Pickup Truck Headache Rack Benefits and Why You Should Buy It

Pickup truck headache rack Trucksbrands.com Already know aluminum headache rack for pickup? Or want know aluminum headache rack?

Allows you to carry any load and tools without damaging your cabin. Rugged construction and low profile design gives your truck maximum protection when you need it. Racks are compatible with tonneau covers and tool boxes with the mounting brackets.

It constructed of 12 gauges steel and finished with a durable black powder coat, or depending the model. Install a headache rack on your truck and get a superior cab protection. Even you can modify your rack by installing your own lights and accessories.

The Benefits of a Pickup Truck Headache Rack

Pickup Truck Headache Rack

The name Headache Rack is sometimes misleading since truck owners would not be interested in an accessory that gives them a headache. Yet the name is nothing more than a name. Instead of giving you a headache, it prevents you from having one.

A headache rack runs across the rear of the cabin. Its main purpose is to protect passengers in the cabin from the load in the bed. If you are carrying a load and make a sudden stop, the load could fly through the rear cabin window and injure a passenger.

Pickup Truck Headache Rack

With a pickup truck headache rack, that risk is eliminated. Headache racks can also keep the sun away from the cabin, making it cooler inside. They are customizable and can be fitted with lights, and are easily removable.


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Do You Often Carry a Payload?

Pickup Truck Headache Rack

If it’s more than once every week, it’s recommended installing a headache rack. The more often you haul the payload, the more the truck bed will lurch forward through the rear window from the hard brakes. With traffic these days, it’s only a matter of time before you hit the brakes.

You can end up damaging the cab, breaking the rear window and injuring passengers. A pickup truck headache rack gives you peace of mind and completely safe from the cargo you’re carrying in the bed. It’s protected the rear window when the truck bed loading and unloading cargo.

Save Money on The Long Haul

A headache prevents several problems such as body damage caused by a payload breaking the rear window or the truck cab, break-ins through the rear cab window. Damage caused by either of these events is expensive to repair and cost more than a new headache rack.

A half-price of pickup truck headache rack would be an easy decision. When you have a new truck, take the rack out of your old truck and sell it. You can get about half of what you paid for. High quality headache racks retain their value.

Are You Worried About Burglaries?

Are burglaries common where you live or work? Do you keep valuables inside your truck cab? If you fear burglaries, then a headache rack is worth every penny. Prevent someone from entering your truck through the rear cab window. Plus, you can leave the rear window open in hot weather without fear.

Either way, you probably want to protect it and maintain the value. All it takes is one accident and you have a cracked rear window or damaged cabin. Without pickup truck headache rack, no prevention of load from crashing down and injuring a passenger.

Advertising Through Pickup Truck Headache Rack

Get a return on your investment with advertising in your rack. Vinyl graphics have their place and are a big step up from magnetic signs on the side of your truck. Body wraps are also nice but can be overkill. They are also expensive (up to $5,000) and only last a few years.

Pickup truck headache rack can be used for safety and security as well as an advertising tool. For example, by adding optional wooden stops at the top, you can carry and secure long loads that stretch across the cabin without damaging them.

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