Plastic Bed Liner for Chevy Silverado Installation and Removal Process

Plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado Already know silverado bed liner installation? Or want know chevy silverado bed cover?

Has some benefits. Instead of a DIY roll-on bed cover or a professionally sprayed cover, try a plastic cover. You will get fantastic results at a cost. If you want to install or remove a plastic bed cover, there are a few steps you can take to protect your vehicle.

Some people remove the plastic bed cover when they want to clean underneath. You may need to remove the plastic bedspread with some hand tools and the help of a friend.

• Plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado overview

Plastic Bed Liner for Chevy Silverado

Whether you want to protect a floor from a scratched and bump, you have several options. Drop-in molded types are sized for your truck and cost $250 to $500. Other options are a spray liner, which costs $500-$1000, or a DIY roll-on bedspread for $100-$200.

All blankets have their pros and cons. Plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado is great for absorbing shock and carrying gravel or sand, but they can be slippery punctured, which can lead to bed corrosion if water and debris get trapped underneath.

Plastic Bed Liner for Chevy Silverado

It’s a heavy-duty polyurethane blend that hardens and completely coats the bed. Roller and brush covers are non-slip, but they can’t be removed and aren’t as thick as drop-in, so they’re prone to dents. No shortcuts are allowed during preparation, otherwise the surface will flake.

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• Preparation for rolling up the bedspread

Plastic Bed Liner for Chevy Silverado

Take down the plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado and sweeps or vacuums dirt and debris from floor and tailgate. Make sure all drain holes are clear. Scrub the floor and tailgate with a strong solution and water to remove any oil, petroleum or wax residue. Use chemical solvents and a scraper. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a clean cloth completely.

• Plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado application

Remove the paint blanket from the upholstery and mix it using a paint mixer and make sure the temperature is between 32-95 degrees F. Material can be thinned up to 10% with xylene if too thick to brush. Stir the mixture during application. Start at the seams and corners.

• Precautions when removing plastic cover

Be cautious when removing a plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado. Chances are you will find many scratches under this lining. Once the liner is removed, make some repairs before you do anything else. You can easily scratch the bed of the truck during removal, so move it slowly.


Be careful when uninstalling or reinstalling the padding. It’s easy to get your fingers caught under the side rails. When you reinstall the plastic liner, it’s easy to get your fingers caught under the lip. It would be wise to leave this with a professional.

If you remove plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado from your truck, it’s time to upgrade. You deserve better protection that doesn’t require withdrawal. The bedspread is available in over 18 colors, so there’s something perfect for your bed.

• Remove the plastic liner

There are the steps to follow to remove the plastic liner. Open the trunk lid and crawl into bed then find the screws. You should find them along the top of the bed rail and around the tailgate. Be sure to unscrew them all, both the bed cover and the tailgate trim.

You will need a screwdriver to achieve this. Lift the tailgate trim off with your hands and set it aside. Push the side panels onto the bedspread and lift the bedspread out of the bed. Just be careful when removing plastic bed liner for Chevy Silverado.


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