Polyurethane Bed Liner

Polyurethane Bed Liner to Stop Rust and Corrosion

Polyurethane bed liner Trucksbrands.com Already know custom coat bed liner instructions? Or want know rhino liner?

Is the best protection for your bed. For truck owners, you know the importance of having a bed liner. Truck beds take a lot of abuse, especially for every day haul. That’s why it’s important to get a bedspread. Bedspreads are great for protecting the bed and preventing scratch.

Know that there are two classifications for truck beds: dropin and Sprayon. Unlike a spray bed liner, the dropin bed liner can be easily carried in and out of the bed. The cost is reasonable, they can be easily replaced and can be fitted, plus they are easy to install.

Polyurethane Bed Liner Choices

Polyurethane Bed Liner

Different structures are available for spray polyurethane bed liner, from hard surface to soft. The grass of the vehicle also plays a role. Locations that experience harsh winters and road salt have a higher risk of corrosion. As well as coastal areas where salt eats metal.

Polyurethane Bed Liner

Although rust remover can make a big difference, simply washing the vehicle regularly is the best way to remove it. Most rust treatments fall into several categories: tar-based spray, oil-based drip spray, rust spray and bedspreads. These treatments are available as do-it-yourself products, while others can only be applied by professionals.

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Rust Converters

Polyurethane Bed Liner

These chemicals of polyurethane bed liner can convert red iron oxide to a more stable form, which can be painted over. Oil-based drip sprays form a waxy barrier and typically cover more surface area which can be applied to wheel arches, hoods and sway panels.

The plus side: the finer spray tends to reach the interior crevices than drip sprays. The downside: the truck drips a little oil for a few days after application. Some owners choose flooring to make their trucks rustproof using DIY or professional products.

Polyurethane Bed Liner

Flooring is applied using advanced equipment by professionals to ensure a durable bond to the underlying metal, while DIY products are often rolled up. Polyurethane bed liner could be considered a rust treatment. Any existing rust should be removed and treated before it is applied.

Once bed liner is applied, it will resist future corrosion. The product is available in several formulations and is often used beyond bedspreads. The ultraviolet stable formulation is used to coat exterior panels, floors or any part that requires resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Polyurethane bed liner has been applied to Bobcat, UTVs, Forklifts, Tractors, Dump Trucks, Trailers and have lasted up to 15 years. The common factor that predicts longevity is the condition of the metal substrate. As with most rust, the best time to apply is before you see any rust.

Drop-In and Spray-On

It is a little more expensive to buy a spray liner than a dropin model, but a spray liner has many advantages. A spray cover is not only durable than a bedspread, it is also corrosion resistant. A truck bed can be quite noisy, and a bed liner spray can reduce noises.

A dropin bed liner will last for a short time, a spray bed liner will last much longer. Don’t worry about trapped water causing rust and corrosion! A polyurethane bed liner has excellent adhesion, and can increase the resale. Not only the bed can be covered, but the bed rails and the tailgate.

This is ideal for avoiding scratches and damages. These bed liners can be used to protect fender wells, as well as replacing interior carpets. Note the weak points: if you do the work yourself, you could stain your truck which can be permanent.

The hardness chemical on polyurethane bed liner you choose can affect your load, like a scratch. If you regularly use your truck for work or are concerned about protecting your vehicle, a spray-on bedliner is the way to go.


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