Raptor Liner Bed Liner Common Questions

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Is designed to last forever. If anything goes wrong, there is a warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. You can apply it to almost anything, to grille guards, metal bumpers, ladder racks and rock panels. Although relatively easy to install, it is quite laborious and difficult to remove.

• Why Should I To Buy a Raptor Liner Bed Liner?

Raptor Liner Bed Liner

It can be quite difficult to take care of the truck bed. When you put maximum pressure on your new truck, it can have a negative effect. To ensure your truck bed is preserved, protected and beautified, you need the Rhino Liner. No matter what your truck is carrying, you’re going stress-free.

Raptor Liner Bed Liner has excellent slip resistance to ensure your bed stay safe no matter what snow and rain they may encounter. It has good impact resistance. Rhino liners are known to be strong and tough to withstand any pressure the load. This prevents wear and tear on your truck bed due to corrosion or rust.


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• Can You Apply Raptor Coat Over Paint?

Raptor Liner Bed Liner

RAPTOR can be applied directly over OEM paint. Degrease the surface using a solvent-based degreaser as red grease can alter the adhesion characteristics. Then use 180 grit sandpaper to sand or roughen the surface.

• Can Raptor Liner Be Sprayed Over Primer?

Raptor Liner Bed Liner

Steel and alloy rims can be treated with Raptor Liner Bed Liner. Sand with 80180 grit, RAPTOR Acid Etch Primer (UP5023) or epoxy primer on exposed bare metal and applying primer to a truck bed.

• Can I Spray Paint Raptor Liner?

if you want to paint on the raptor liner, you have to cure it for 24 hours. A professional will inform you of any changes to be made to the coating of the raptor.

• Raptor Liner May Cover the Paint?

You can paint the bedspread for any reason. However, there are certain requirements. If you want to paint the raptor coating, you must cure it for 24 hours.

• Do You Need a Primer for Raptor Liner Bed Liner?

Sanding bare metal is sufficient for a primer. If Raptor Liner Bed Liner has not cured for more than five hours since the last coat, then lightly sand and apply additional coats.

• Should I Apply a Primer Before Coating?

Super Acid Etch Primer is the perfect primer to use on exposed metal surfaces before applying. The product works great with all major brands including Custom Coat, UPOL Raptor and Gator Guard.

• Is It Possible to Apply a Powder Coating?

Raptor Liner Bed Liner can be applied over powder coating with properly prepared and sanded powder coating. To ensure adhesion, the manufacture recommends GRIP #4 when applying powder coatings.

• How Long Does Raptor Paint Last?

Unopened containers have a life of 9 months. Each time a cover is used, it must be replaced the cap and shaken vigorously for at least two minutes after filling. RAPTOR is product designed to tolerate most climates. This product is durable and will not fade after years of sun exposure. RAPTOR is also water resistant, making it ideal for surfaces that are often exposed to water.

• Can You Spray Raptor Coating Over Old Paint?

Paint over the old paint and you won’t have to worry about dings. The process of applying Raptor Liner Bed Liner is much easier than applying paint. Plus, it will withstand a lot more over time.


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