Side Boxes for Trucks

Side Boxes for Trucks Buying Guides

Side boxes for trucks Already know side mount tool boxes? Or want know side truck tool box?

Are beneficial for any occasion. A truck side box keeps your gear safe and dry, whether you’re heading to the ranch or spending all day at a remote job site. Truck boxes offer safe and stable storage for your tools and equipment. They’re a great way to keep gear secure, even if your truck has an extended cab.

You can explore any location while staying inside your truck. There’s never a road too rough for you when you’re in your truck and enjoying your adventure. By choosing the best side box for your truck, you don’t have to haul those bulky tents, and save time.

Plus, if things don’t work out, you only have a few items to pick up and throw in your vehicle. This means you can move easily and quickly by installing side boxes for trucks. Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for the best truck tool box.

Buying Guides on Side Boxes for Trucks

#1. Material and durability

Side Boxes for Trucks

Tool boxes must withstand from any extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The steel material is strong but heavy. Plastic is lighter and does not rust, but less durable. Aluminum is somewhere in the middle. Consider the thickness of the material. Light metal will be lighter but more prone to dents.


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#2. Security

Side Boxes for Trucks

A side boxes for trucks must have a lock and difficult to remove from the vehicle. There’s no such thing as a completely anti-theft toolbox, but a well-designed truck box will challenge a thief from an easier target.

#3. Storage space

Side Boxes for Trucks

Although truck tool boxes may appear similar in size, their layout can vary. Bigger tools require bigger spaces, but a small tool in a big box will be thrown away every time your truck makes a turn. For maximum flexibility, look for a box with adjustable compartments.

#4. Weather resistance

Freezing or extreme heat can shorten the life of side boxes for trucks, making it brittle or excessively hot to the touch. But rain is the greatest weather hazard. Some boxes have drainage holes to allow water to escape. No drainage means oil, cleaning fluids, etc. will spread in the box. This prevents damage to the truck bed, but exposes the tools to moisture.

#5. Position of the cover

The position of the lid and the direction of opening may seem like a minor point. But after crawling into the bed of the truck several times, you might wish you had something easier to access. A little foresight can save you a big headache down the road. Measure to verify that the truck tool box will fit the floor before making a purchase.

#6. Style

Side boxes for trucks are generally categorized by their location on the truck. The cross boxes extend to the end of the bed, while the upper units are located on the side rail. The interior boxes are also located on the side panel, but with a lower profile. Saddle boxes are crossovers that leave extra space inside the corners of the bed. There are also underbody boxes that mount under the truck bed.

#7. What is the ideal configuration?

The ideal RV option is a 4×4 pickup. However, when you have a big rig, you can always take advantage of extra storage space. Although a van or SUV is adequate for camping accommodation, a pickup with a side-mount tool box works great for several reasons.

When it comes to choose side boxes for trucks, make sure it includes important features, regardless of brand. The key is the comfort. Therefore, you should choose a sliding or retractable hood, or windows that can be fully opened or screened windows.

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