Tow Truck Equipment

Tow Truck Equipment Tools, Here Are the Breakdown?

Tow Truck Equipment Already know tow truck equipment list? Or want know where to buy tow truck equipment?

Is available in different model and purpose. If you are considering for starting your own towing business, you need to research for some equipment you need for the business. Whether it is a car towing, a motorcycle towing, or a truck towing business, you need to have these basic tools and equipment to run the business. Without further ado, here is a list of towing equipment you should have.

#1. Tow Trucks

Tow Truck Equipment

When it comes to towing you should think about the tugs, the most visible tools known for towing that even kids recognize when they see it. Note that there are different types of Tow Truck Equipment with different purposes. Depending on the vehicle you are going to be towing or the type of towing business you want, do more research on the truck types.

Tow Truck Equipment

  • Flatbed Recovery Vehicle: This is the popular choice for most towing companies today. It has a truck bed which is useful for transporting vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, SUVs and other mid-size vehicles. The reason is that the ground is safe and secure to limit any risk of further damage.
  • Platform lift: This type is popular in Europe and is used for dismantling parallel parked cars. It is equipped with a lifting frame on wheels which allows it to lift the vehicle vertically on the ground.
  • Bus tow truck: This is a heavy duty Tow Truck Equipment. This is the type that requires the towing of large vehicles, like buses. This type of bus is specially designed to avoid baseboards and ground effect.
  • Platform with wheel lift: This is basically the type of tow truck that has both a platform that the vehicle can rest on once it has been lifted using the wheel lift.
  • Heavy duty tow trucks: This type is specially designed for the most difficult towing and maintenance operations.


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#2. Hitch Accessories

Tow Truck Equipment

Hitch accessories are important equipment include ball mounts, tow bar attachments and hooks and locks should be of good quality to avoid trouble. These attachments are designed to make the job simple and convenient for Tow Truck Equipment.

Some of the most used towing accessories you should have:  Tow hitch couplers, Towing jack, Tow balls and exchange balls, Trailer hitch receivers, Tow hitch locks, Tow hitch safety chains, Towing hooks and anchors, Winches, etc.

#3. Tow Bar Accessories

Tow Truck Equipment will make the job comfortable and easier for you. There are different types of tow hooks and make sure you know how to fit them to ensure the job is done safely and properly. If you have a few extra bucks, invest these items if it means making your job easier and more efficient.

Some accessories you may consider includes: Hanger bolts, Spare tire carriers, Trailer spindles, Tow dollies, Ladders and running boards, Tow lube pumps, Tow base plates, Trailer bearing protectors, Axle spring seats, Loading ramps. You have to shop for all towing equipment and tools to set up your towing service. You need those to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

#4. Protective Tow Truck Equipment

The protective towing devices are important tools to prevent damage to any Tow Truck Equipment. Be sure to write them down and have them on your service. The equipment are Towing hooks, Deployment kit, Brake controllers, Towing safety lines, Steering stabilizers for towing.


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