Tow Truck for Sale in Florida Inspection Checklist

Tow truck for sale in Florida Already know used tow trucks for sale in florida? Or want know used tow trucks for sale by owner in florida?

Needs to be inspected thoroughly. Before buying a used truck, you should examine it carefully, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. When buying a used truck, it would be a good idea to bring an independent mechanic to assess its condition.

Often people buy used cars because they want to save money. With an examination, you can ensure that you don’t have to spend much on repairs. Here are the main points that you should pay attention before transferring money to the car owner.

Inspection Checklist for Tow Truck for Sale in Florida

#1. Check The Engine

Tow Truck for Sale in Florida

Ask the owner for the engine model and google it. Each model has its common problems. Try to estimate how much it will cost to repair and if the damage was minimal. Start the engine of tow truck for sale in Florida. Carbureted engines require gas to set the idle speed, while their fuel-injected set it automatically.

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Tow Truck for Sale in Florida #2. Check The Panel

Tow Truck for Sale in Florida

Check all seams and openings in the body panel. Run your fingers along the side of the doors – there should be no hard, rusty edges. Inspect the panels along the body with a magnet – plastic repairs will not attract the magnet. Areas where plastic has been applied appear wavy and uneven.

#3. Check The Odometer

Tow Truck for Sale in Florida

If the engine appears to have been repaired after a long mileage but the odometer shows a low number, it may be suspected to have been “tuned”. Do you see any signs of wear on the padding and the corners of the brake pedal? If the answer is yes, it shows that the tow truck for sale in Florida has been heavily used.

Tow Truck for Sale in Florida #4. Check The Fluid

Check the color of the coolant by lifting the hood and removing the radiator cap. Normally it should be greenish and should not contain any rust. To get more facts, you might want to buy an affordable tester.

#5. Check The Filter

Examine the engine and the air filter of tow truck for sale in Florida. Both should not be too dirty. If there is repair, you may notice the edges of the new gaskets. Usually, a used truck requires major work after 70,000 miles. If the truck has an automated transmission, check the gauge. There shouldn’t be any strange smell of a burnt plug.

#6. Check The Rust

Check for corrosion inside the trunk. Even for a new car, it’s normal to have a little rust, but that shouldn’t be a big deal. Pay attention to the wiring running through the back. Make sure lights, air conditioning, radio and light switches are in good work.

#7. Check At Daylight

You can notice possible flaws on tow truck for sale in Florida only in the sun. Consider laying the blanket on the floor, and checking the bottom for leaking fluids. If brake fluid is leaking, you will see drips on the tires. You need to assess tread wear, and pay attention to the roof as well. If there are any raised spots, most likely caused by rust.

#8. Test Drive

Drive the truck for 10 miles. Stop the engine, let it cool down and restart. Check if the transmission increases smoothly, then accelerate gradually. Accelerate on highway: does the engine respond smoothly? While driving, do you hear the sound a strange creak? Ideally, you shouldn’t.

#9. Do A Panic Stop

Make sure the brakes work as expected. The best way to check tow truck for sale in Florida for worn shocks is to ride on a bumpy track. You should try bouncing the front end. For relatively new shocks, it would bounce three times or less.


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