Truck Bed Undercoating Removal Process

Truck bed undercoating Already know truck undercoating? Or want know rhino liner undercoating cost?

with a quality must be durable. That’s why removing bed liner can be difficult, whether a spray in or roll on. The process may seem daunting and it is a lot of work. The majority of people agree that removing an old roll on or spray in bed liner isn’t worth. It could be necessary if you need to restore a factory paint job. Otherwise, why not just cover up with a new liner.

Truck Bed Undercoating

Note About Removing a Truck Bed Undercoating

Truck Bed Undercoating

It’s not recommended removing a bed liner on your own. This job is best left to the professionals. It is better to install another liner directly above the existing bed liner. This will solve your aesthetic problems without remaking the bed.

Applying a new bedspread is easy and does not require removal. Simply cut out the damaged parts then clean and rough with 60 grit sandpaper. After cleaning the area you can apply a new coating. If you think that removing the bed cover is the solution, you need to restore the truck to factory condition.

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Why You Need to Remove Truck Bed Undercoating?

Truck Bed Undercoating

It’s a common misconception to not remove a bedspread. Many people think they are meant to last, but that is not the case. Bedspreads are made to be durable, but there are others inferior material that requires you to replace them.

• Fading

Due to UV rays, a bedspread may fade over time. This is because the sun will break down the chemicals color of the coating. With the bedspread you get a UV resistant formula.

• Stain

Most stains come from water or grease and oil. To prevent it from becoming permanent, it is important to clean the truck bed undercoating often. Be sure to remove any trapped dirt and debris. By that stains won’t be a problem for the bedspread.

• Peels and cracks

If your bedspread shows damage such as cracks, peels and bubbles, you may be covered by the warranty. If you bought the used truck, you probably won’t be able to get coverage.

Truck Bed Undercoating

Steps To Remove Truck Bed Undercoating

• Preparation and the area

Before you remove the bedspread, it is essential that you protect yourself and the area. Wear protective clothing from hazardous materials and work in an area where no other object is touched with adequate ventilation.

• Assess the material

Before you begin to remove a truck bed undercoating, it’s important to know what materials you’re dealing with. A bedspread is polyurethane based. These have a different process than other material. Take a few minutes to observe it. If you notice flakes or bubbles, it may be easier to remove them. If the bedspread appears to be completely intact, you need a lot of work.

• Using chemicals to remove the bedspread

Chemicals will make the process much easier. Once it starts to loosen you can start scraping off. This process requires multiple coatings.

Truck Bed Undercoating • Use a heat gun and chisel

Another option is to use the heat gun and chisel. Once the liner is heated, you should be able to slowly shear them off.

• Use a grinder

Sometimes you have to deal with a thick section to be removed. Some people prefer without using any chemicals to remove truck bed undercoating. Although this trip will take longer, it is possible. You can use a grinder.


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