Truck Bedliner Cost and Comparison Example

Truck bedliner cost Already know line-x spray in bedliner cost? Or want know truck bed liners near me?

Is vary by many factors. Many businesses depend on their trucks for success. Transporting books of lumber, steel and heavy equipment can impact a truck’s bed and cause major damage. Taking care of your bed is essential if you want to continue to rely on a vehicle.

It can increase in value when it comes time to sell or trade it. This is reason that most owners want to invest in their beds without causing problems. A bed cover is the best way to ensure your truck stays in pristine condition. With so many options available, making the right choice can be difficult, especially for budget drivers.

Truck Bedliner Cost

#1. Spray on bed cover

Truck Bedliner Cost

Truck owners who want to avoid potential damage usually choose to purchase a spray on cover. It’s a good option for who want a custom fit and willing to protect the bed. The cost of these bedspreads varies greatly depending on location and the installers (which around $800 up to $1,200).

Spray-on bedspreads require extensive preparation. Skipping any part of the preparation could result in a damaged coating. Inexperienced installers may prepare poorly, prioritizing speed over quality, especially with more affordable truck bedliner cost options are available.


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#2. Drop in bed liner

Truck Bedliner Cost

Many people install drop in liners to save money. Prices for spray-on bed sheets are around hundred dollars, and a drop in will cost less and may be able to reuse when they sell their truck. Prices range from $50 for a small tailgate mat to $500 for a full plastic liner.

Truck Bedliner Cost

While this idea is great, many owners are disappointed to the consequences when they remove their liner. There are countless stories of drivers whose truck bed has completely rusted due to deposits of sand, water, or salt trapped. So, the problem is not always about the truck bedliner cost.

If you live in a sandy or rainy environment, you may need to replace the entire truck bed before reselling it. This type of damage could cost thousands of dollars, far more than the amount of installing flooring.

#3. Take measurements

Square meter is measured by multiplying project length by project width. If you are 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, you need a total of 60 square feet. As a rule of thumb for truck bedliner cost, one gallon should be enough for a 6 feet bed. Note that this calculation is only a rough idea. For the best results, you should always consider a little extra.

#4. A better solution

A bedspread can be easily applied with the same benefits of spray-on coatings, without the high cost. This versatile product is not only ideal for creating custom bedspread, but can be used for many different projects where protection and slip prevention are needed.

Besides the truck bedliner cost consideration, polyurethane coating must be applied by roller, brush or spray and provides the best defense against sun, rust, scratches and impact. Textured liner contains rubber made from recycled tires prevent heavy loads from sliding on the floor.

#5. How much truck bedliner cost is needed?

For a quick reference on how much bed cover is needed for a truck, always measure the truck yourself to determine the quantity needed. For a standard cab Ford F150 truck with a 6ft 5in bed, you will need approximately 3 gallons to cover the entire truck and bed.

Add more truck bedliner cost. Plan to use a little over a gallon for the bed and the rest for the exterior. For Toyota Tacoma with 5 feet floor, you need 3 gallons to cover the bed and about 2 gallons to cover the outside bed of the truck.

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