Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist

Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist 1000-5000 By Owner Near Me, Straightforward Tips to Buy

Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist Trucksbrands.Com Already know used water trailer for sale near me? Or want know used 1000 gallon water trailer for sale?

Craigslist can sometimes look like the best marketplace for used water trailer that you dream off, or more often it can look like a huge and unrelenting junkyard. However, if you live in an area with an active Craigslist.com community, this can be a great place to start finding water trailer.

There is always uncertainty when buying a water trailer. But if you do a little research, ask the right questions, and take some precautions, you are in the best position to get a good deal. If Craigslist isn’t very active in your area, these tips apply to buying a car through online.

Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist

  1. water truck Peterbilt 2005 4000 gallon brand new tank ready to work $62,500
  2. 4000 gallon aluminum fuel tank $7,000
  3. peterbilt 2013 4000 gallon water truck $67,500
  4. 2002 4×4 ihi water truck $27,000
  5. 2400 Transportation Water Tank $3,500
  6. 1700 GALLON STAINLESS STEEL WATER TANK $12,995 (Grants Pass )
  7. 1000 Gallon water tank trailer tandem axle $2,300 (Molalla )
  8. 1980 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK $7,500 (sams valley )
  9. 1990 Mercedes Benz UNIMOG custom fire suppression $18,500
  10. water tank with pump $275
  11. 2015 Freightliner 3 Axle Water Truck $69,900
  12. 2013 International Water Truck $42,000 (Norco )
  13. 2000 GMC C7500 Water Truck for sale $24,500 (oxr > Camarillo )
  14. 2015 International 2k water truck $58,000 (bak > )
  15. 2015 Freightliner 3 Axle Water Truck $69,900 (bak > Fontana )
  16. Water truck 2013 $65,000 (bak > Just built )
  17. 1700 GALLON STAINLESS STEEL WATER TANK $12,995 (Grants Pass )
  18. 2008 INTERNATIONAL DURASTAR 4300, 4000 gallon Water truck, Work Ready $46,000 (Acton )
  19. vipr compliant type 2 water tender $50,000 (medford )


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#1. Clarify The Ads

To avoid wasting time looking, ask for photos of water trailer for sale Craigslist and be sure to clarify on the phone: is the car titled Salvage. For a vehicle with a salvage title, your insurance company will likely refuse to offer protection and you may find it difficult to claim in the event of the accident.

Security is also an issue; For example, you should assume that you will not have working airbags in a car with a salvage title. Also, its resale value will be roughly half of a car with a “clean” title. Clarify how many owners the water trailer has and is there any service records that you can view.

Too many owners or incomplete service documents often indicate a problem. So, reduce of what you want by keep looking for the air conditioner, CD player, etc. Tell the seller to have the engine cold when you arrive to inspect the water trailer. Start the engine, you may not be able to see certain problems.

#2. Estimate The Price of Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist

Kelly Blue Book and Nada tend to be unrealistically high, while Edmunds and Black Book estimates are pretty accurate or even slightly low. What does this mean for you? Be more confident in lower Edmunds Numbers when trading and don’t take a seller’s claims “I’m selling this for less than the Blue Book”.

Almost all water trailers are sold for less than Kelly Blue Book value. When you email or call the seller, just mention that you are interested in “the trailer” or “the truck” they are selling. When they ask “which one?” Then you know that you are likely dealing with a salesman who sells a water trailer in part-time to local owners. you will have a better experience with a private seller.

#3. Don’t Stuck on One Particular Model

Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist

Get six types of water trailers you would like and do a keyword search daily. On the Craigslist site, after clicking the Cars & Trucks tab, select By Owner, don’t buy from dealers unless you’re willing to overpay. Find out how much a water trailer for sale Craigslist from this year is worth.

The most popular websites are:

• Nada- Guides (http: //www.nadaguides.com)
• Kelly Blue Book (http://www.kbb.com/kbb/UsedCars/default.aspx)
• Edmunds (http://www.edmunds.com/apps/usedmatrix/UsedMatrix )
• Black Book (http://www.carquotes.com/UsedCarValuationSelectVehicle.aspx )

#4. Check for Carfax Report

Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist

Always ask the seller if the water trailer has had an accident, but verify the answer from CARFAX. The main limitation of CARFAX is that it can only access officially reported accidents. Repair history shows where the water trailer came from, which can be very important.

Water Trailer for Sale Craigslist

pay a mechanic to inspect the water trailer for sale Craigslist. Your mechanic can check for damage, excess paint, and other signs of an accident that haven’t been reported. Craigslist can also help you find mechanics. In the Car Repairs section, look for the keyword Mobile Mechanic.

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