Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck Trucksbrands.com Already know U-haul truck sizes and prices? Or want know U-haul truck sizes?

Your automobile might not be large enough to move some of your larger pieces, like your couch or your bed. You need to be insured as a way to drive the vehicle. The 2019 Gmc Savana car is the ideal choise for auto lovers.

Trucks for moving could be the excellence way that you need to consider whenever you’re arranging a move. Lots of people rent pickup trucks to assist with home improvement projects, like hauling materials home to complete the undertaking.

Renting a pickup truck will probably be cheaper than renting a full-size moving truck. You need to rent truck large enough to carry articles you wish to move across a city or town.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having the ability to rent your truck when you would like, how you desire.

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Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck

U-Haul is the most widely available moving truck rental company, and it’s also one of the cheapest. Unfortunately, U-Haul has overwhelmingly negative customer reviews and unreliable reservations, so it may not be your best moving truck rental option.

U-Haul is basically the only moving truck rental company with a household name, and it’s easy to see why. With over 21,000 locations1 and a larger selection of moving trucks than almost any competitor, U-Haul is an industry leader in terms of availability and customer options.

To top it all off, U-Haul is one of the cheapest moving truck companies, though its prices can be higher than Budget’s and Penske’s prices.

How Much Does U-Haul Truck Rent Cost?

We gathered over a hundred quotes from the country’s top moving truck rental companies to compare average rates, and we found that U-Haul’s prices are pretty low but not the lowest.

We found that U-Haul’s average price for a local move (100 miles or less) is about $38.70 + $0.99/mile. For comparison, Budget’s average local price is $27.60 + $0.47/mile, and the industry-wide average is roughly $169.65 + $0.73/mile.

For long-distance moves (over 100 miles), U-Haul’s average price is $1,945.68, Penske’s is $1,944.92, and the average industry rate is $2,077.

So, while U-Haul’s rates were never the lowest we saw, they were pretty close, and they were consistently far below industry averages.

U-Haul Pricing

To give you an idea of what your move might cost, here’s a selection of quotes we got for U-Haul’s 10-foot and 26-foot moving trucks.

U-Haul 10-foot truck rental prices
Move distance

50 miles $24.24 + $0.99/mile
463 miles $607.42
1,033 miles $1,612.85
2,060 miles $2,307.05

Data as of October, 2020. Prices do not include any add-on services or coverage options. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
U-Haul 26-foot truck rental prices
Move distance

50 miles $47.38 + $0.99/mile
463 miles $829.56
1,033 miles $3,387.69
2,060 miles $3,032.49

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U-Haul cost factors

Moving truck rates fluctuate often, and it’s impossible to predict exactly how much your move will cost before getting your quote. That said, there are several factors that can predictably affect your U-Haul rental rate:

Your move date
When you book
Environmental fees
Add-on rentals and services
Moving coverage

What about gas?

U-Haul requires that you return your truck with as much gas as it had when you picked it up. If you return your truck empty, U-Haul will charge you for the gas plus a service charge. Take a picture of the moving truck’s odometer and gas mileage before and after your trip so you can keep track of the miles and gas you used in case you need to make any claims.

Not Everyone Can Rent a U-Haul Trucks

Although you don’t need a commercial driving license to drive a U-Haul rental, there are still some requirements you’re going to need to rent one for yourself.

You’re going to need:
– To be old enough to rent one (18-plus)
– A valid U.S. driving license
– A credit or debit card, so you can reserve a truck online

With all these things considered, you might qualify to rent your own U-Haul, though you better get looking for other options if you do not have all of these three things in order…though you might have a friend or family member who does.

U-Haul Rates Aren’t So Simple

U-Haul rates have a flat amount you’re going to pay normally, and then everything else is based on the equipment size you require to the dates you want the truck for, which could cost even more depending on the demand.

You should also note that it is best to budget for non-included expenses such as fuel or potential damage that might happen when you’re using the truck.

Ultimately, U-Haul rental rates are not as straightforward as we’d like them to be, so make sure you’re budgeting for absolutely anything, so you are not hit with unnecessary fees.

You Might Need to Fill the Tank Up a Lot

Now, this depends on how far you’re traveling, so if you’ve got a local move planned, then you shouldn’t really have to worry too much about what we’re going to say here.
But if you’re moving across the country, you should be expected to have to stop and fill up every 300 to 400 miles on average, since U-Haul trucks only get about 10 to 12 miles per gallon.

Again, just like in our previous bit of advice, fuel is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to using the U-Haul service, so it’s not something that everybody accounts for, especially since you’re not paying for this upfront, so it might come as an unexpected fee if you’ve used other all-inclusive services.

Ensure Everything Is Damage-Free Beforehand

The trucks and the equipment that goes along with them are being used every day by many different people, which could mean that there are unseen damages that have been made before you’ve even got them into your hands.

Because of this, we would advise doing your own inspection checks before you go on ahead with your move so that you know everything is going to be in tiptop working order when you need it.

And of course, so you don’t get hit with any fees if the company believes you’re the one responsible for damage to the truck or the equipment.

Packing a moving truck looks pretty straightforward. Moving trucks are the most essential portion of the vital of life considering that the typical family usually moves once every five decades.

You don’t need to drive the truck, as the business stipulates a driver. It’s always best to employ a truck that’s big enough than a small one, just because it may save yourself a few bucks. If this is the case, you’re going to want a rental truck to haul all your belongings.

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck

Rental trucks for moving could be the excellence way that you ought to consider when you’re planning a move. The rental trucks for moving would permit you to pick the self moving truck rental support.

To conserve time and money, it’s generally recommended and advised to select the rental trucks. U-Haul’s rental trucks arrive in a number of sizes Choosing the proper size rental truck is completely crucial.

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck – Trailer Rental Prices Per Day

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck

So long as you’ve got good service in the region you chance to be in, you’ll be just fine. Finally, you’ll need to pick a service which supplies a truck of the correct dimensions and that may carry as much weight as you require it to.

As soon as you know precisely what it is that you require, you can begin contacting rental services and comparing quotes. Book a truck online on eWeels, among the best moving truck services you could trust. Before the cheap moving truck providers arrive at your house , it is essential that you pack.

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck

Unlimited mileage truck rental services are intended for individuals who should travel a very long distance (or make a lot of short trips) without the need to be worried about excess mileage charges. They are a great way of avoiding extra fees depending on how far you are going to be traveling.

The Unusual Secret of Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck. Where to search for a Great Truck When it comes to discovering a used commercial truck dealer, there are lots of locations you can consider to locate a good one.

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck – Home Depot Truck Rental

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck

Many prospective buyers of trucks don’t always know they need not get financing from the truck dealerships. Before, passenger truck owners possessed the choice to modernize the usual metallic tail gate getting the most out of a new type of plastic material or rubberized net to assist in improving wind resistance.

Most rental agencies can allow you to determine the perfect size. If you are worried about your finances, pick the least expensive company like Ryder.

The different kinds of truck rentals can allow you to shift your office or home, or even by using it so as to transport goods from one area to another. The moving truck rental will be one of the most essential tasks you’ll want to accomplish if you’re moving yourself.

One-way truck rental has been quite helpful not only for family relocation but in addition in business dealings. Pickup truck rentals are perfect for moving various sorts of loads over short to medium distances.

Where Can I Rent a Uhaul Truck – u haul storage

Today they are great for moving different types of loads over short to medium distances. Our affordable camper rentals enable you to learn more about the marvels of the West. Industrial trailer rental is a great choice for the businesses which are only using truck services particularly time of the year.

Possessing a bigger amount of expected days out there for your move offers you many more options. Renting a mini mover truck isn’t that expensive in regards to move or shift small amount of products.

The upcoming important thing that you ought to consider is around the time of moving because in the event you exceed the deals with the rental company that you must pay the additional charge for each and every excess moment.

Looking out for the distinct rental companies online will also give you the capacity to come up with the proper alternative. Now you have a few ideas about how to lower stress whenever you are moving into a new house start preparing.

By applying the above two tips, you are going to find your move is a far smoother process with cheap on-line truck booking services. You must also ascertain the kind of your move.

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