Bedrug Ford Ranger Regular Cab & SuperCrew Cab

Bedrug Ford Ranger Al ready know ford ranger accessories? Or want know ford ranger 2021 accessories?

Is needed for every occasion. Ford Ranger is a midsize truck that can help you conquer any task in style. Depending on the configuration you select, the dimensions of a Ford Ranger bed will vary. The new Ford Ranger offers tons of space, engine power and durability to get where it needs to go.

Bedrug Ford Ranger Size

Bedrug Ford Ranger

The size of Ford Ranger bed depends on the cab size, keep this in mind when evaluating your needs and desires. As you may see, Ford SuperCab is perfect for those who need to move heavy tools. If you regularly tackle tough jobs and rough terrain, think any customization options you might consider.

Bedrug Ford Ranger

The space you get depends on the cab style you select. The SuperCab offers seating for four, while the SuperCrew® can accommodate up to five passengers. While Ford Ranger offers ample space and powerful specifications, this beast also offers innovative interior features to make life and work more enjoyable. Bedrug Ford Ranger offers exceptional amenities.


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What is the Different Bedrug Ford Ranger lengths?

Bedrug Ford Ranger

The open bed is what sets pickup trucks apart from other vehicles. The size and accessibility of a bed allow you to transport furniture, bikes, recycling bins, and other fixtures and appliances. You can accomplish hefty chores.

When choosing a Bedrug Ford Ranger on Ford, it is essential to know the different bed lengths that are available and what makes each one unique. If your job to haul mulch, bulky rugs, wood chips, or heavy machinery, you may pick a larger bed such as the Regular Cab.

Depending on why you need a Ford truck, think what length of the bed that will meet your demands. If you wish to accommodate the passengers, and a larger cabin is more of value to you, then you’ll benefit from a SuperCrew configuration.

If you want a roomy back seat, suitable for the kids than adults, Ford SuperCab may be your way. The cab length will range between 5 feet and 8 feet, and the back seat will vary based on the configuration. Determine which Bedrug Ford Ranger configuration suits your needs.

Regular Cab and SuperCrew cab

Regular Cab has one row of seats for two passengers, three if needed. This cab configuration is often the least expensive, two-wheel drive, and just for you and your partner. The Regular Cab is only available in the Ford F150 XL and Ford F150 XLT trim levels. What makes this truck unique is its length and simplicity.

SuperCrew Cab has extra space, a good-sized four-door, and comfortable rear seats. Your family can enjoy a weekend adventure in the spacious cabin and still have enough storage with Bedrug Ford Ranger for grills, refrigerators and other items.

This cab configuration is 5.5 feet long and available with the 4×2 and 4×4 chassis. The large cabin is a fabulous with ample rear seat access, you can climb into the Ford SuperCab with all your cargo and passengers. This favorable 6.5-foot bed is available in Ford F150 XLT and Ford F150 Lariat trim levels.

You and five friends can pitch your RV on the local mountain with versatility and style. When you’re ready to buy a Bedrug Ford Ranger, just find out which bed length suits your lifestyle.

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