Tundra Bed Rug: Double Cab Vs CrewMax?

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will be put through the torture test for the Tundra. Toyota will drop an engine directly onto the bed. This appears to have been done during the prototype. The body of the 2022 Toyota Tundra is not made of pure steel or aluminum. Instead, the new truck uses SheetMolded Composite (SMC) sheets.

It benefits from extra strength thanks to the aluminum crossbars inside the bed. Toyota claims that the construction provides additional protection against dents, dings and rust compared to previous model.

Tundra Bed Rug

#1. Benefits

Tundra Bed Rug

No drilling is required to install the Bed Rug Bedspread. Simple hand tools and double-sided hook-and-loop tape are used to attach the cover. You can use the BedRug with a tonneau cover to completely transform your bed and improve the truck. Polypropylene construction makes the Tundra Bed Rug resistant to mold, mildew and harsh chemicals. To clean the upholstery, simply rinse it with water.

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#2. Installation

Tundra Bed Rug

The Bed Rug needs 30 minutes using basic hand tools and hook-and-loop fasteners that come with the system. Bed Rug will house all bed accessories such as load management systems, bed extenders, tonneau covers or hoods. No drilling and sanding are required.

Tundra Bed Rug

The installation kit came with your BedRug to install the bed cover that has an existing spray cover. Hook-and-loop fasteners is designed to adhere to a spray bed liner. This installation kit of Tundra Bed Rug provides an adhesive promoter that applies to the bed to help hook-and-loop fasteners adhere.

Tundra Bed Rug #3. Interior dimensions

The interior dimensions change between the SuperCab and CrewMax of the Tundra. While each cabin can accommodate six people in its two rows of seats, the CrewMax offers more head and legroom in the rear. The total weight of the cargo was approximately 500 pounds (227 kilograms). That’s a lot of force concentrated in one part of the body.

#4. Exterior dimensions

The most notable differences between two Tundra Bed Rug are their exterior dimensions. Each cabin offers different bed sizes. What you need to carry in the back can help determine which cabin size is right for you. If you’re looking for the biggest bed, the Double Cab with the 8.1-foot is your best bet. It offers a 96.5 inch bed length, ideal for carrying large items such as equipment.

If you don’t need to carry that much, the CrewMax 5.5ft bed, CrewMax 6.5ft bed, or Double Cab with a 6.5ft bed could be just fine. Other specifications are also different besides the cabin sizes. Take a look at it for a complete picture of the exterior variations.

Tundra Bed Rug #5. Towing and payload

The two cab sizes offer different towing and payload capacities. Double cab with a 6.5 foot bed has the maximum payload capacity at 1,940 lbs. This configuration offers the highest towing capacity of the Toyota Tundra with a 12,000 lbs. However, the other Tundra Bed Rug is not far behind.

Now that you have a good idea between the cab sizes, pick the configuration that works best for you. Unsurprisingly, the Tundra appears to have shrugged off the massive whack on its bed. The truck did squat, but it did go back to its normal ride level fairly quickly.

Other pickups with a composite bed like Tundra Bed Rug is the GMC Sierra. They did subject the Sierra’s bed to a torture test as well and performed well even after testing. So, these composite bed trucks have a durability showdown soon.


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