Best Lightweight Truck

Best Lightweight Truck on The Market for Daily Commute

Best lightweight truck Already know full size truck? Or want know midsize trucks?

Is better for most consumers because less pricier than large pickup counterparts. They’re coming with trendy looks, loaded with tech, whereas keeping respectable towing abilities. For lighter work, there are various tiny trucks that offer decent sturdiness and capability without swilling fuel or overwhelming streets with their proportions.

Best Lightweight Truck

• Chevrolet Colorado

Best Lightweight Truck

For mid-size truck, it’s proven that a smaller model didn’t compromise on comfort compared to a large model. The Colorado’s spacious cabin and cozy seating make it superb for long-distance vehicle. The Colorado has the most comfortable rides in this segment, an attribute that set the tone for the remainder of the class to follow.

There’s no regular cab version of the Colorado, even as the best lightweight truck. Instead an extended cab configuration with tiny back seats, and a Crew Cab body with large rear doors and a three-bench seat.

Best Lightweight Truck • Jeep Gladiator

Best Lightweight Truck

For 2020 model, the Gladiator brings the cross-country prowess and attractive to the mid-size pickup segment. The truck offers a diesel engine with its huge torsion to guarantee thrifty fuel consumption in good towing capacity.

The Gladiator inherits underpinnings design for cross-country driving, so performance on sealed surfaces is less spectacular. The loading bed is shallow compared to other pickups on the best lightweight truck segment. The Gladiator may be a niche product aimed to specific buyer.

• Ford Ranger

One of the well-known names in pickups came back after an eight-year hiatus for the mid-size segment. The power comes from a turbocharged four-cylinder ICE (the mid-size pickup segment’s first). The engine may be a winner with aggressive torsion and high-end power.

For the best lightweight truck in this class, the Ranger offers a SuperCab configuration with rear seats. A bigger four-door Crew Cab body is meant to attract to the majority of mid-size truck shoppers. A firm ride comes with a sense of solidity for driving comfort.

Best Lightweight Truck • Honda Ridgeline

Best Lightweight Truck

The Ridgeline has criticism from not being a “real” truck because the FWD platform and lacks options like low-range FWD gearing. Ridgeline comes with advanced safety things like automatic emergency braking with collision warning, lane keep assist and adaptative cruise control.

With the Ridgeline, you will get a truck that’s well-suited to daily driving from the best lightweight truck. Among the Ridgeline’s most helpful features are a multi-function tailgate that opens 2 ways, and a specific trunk that protects from the elements.

• Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma has a decent attention in the mid-size segment. It falls a bit less in the towing capability compared to the opposite trucks. You’ll love the Tacoma’s driving position, that feels like a car than trucks. Off-roaders can select the Tacoma’s TRD trims, with features like remote shocks and a camera-based multi-terrain monitor.

Furthermore, if you’re a keen wheel and manual-shift driver for the best lightweight truck, you’ll appreciate the Tacoma’s clutch interlock which permits the engine to control the gear. You’ll start to crawl the truck up steep inclines.


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• GMC Canyon

It’s different mid-size truck from GMC. Canyon has a lot of assertive styling with a mechanical twin to the Colorado. The key distinction is the ventilated front seats, navigation, and a full driver assists. The Canyon’s styling is more rugged.

As the best lightweight truck, it offers great performance and comfort; make this truck the best for long-distance driving. The All-Terrain model gets a cross-country suspension, skid plates, and a hill management system.

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