Rugged Liner Tonneau Most Popular Brands

Rugged liner tonneau Already know rugged liner tonneau cover reviews? Or want know rugged liner tonneau cover parts?

Is available in vary. Rigid body covers usually mount against the rear of the cab like a giant tailgate, or more commonly fold down into hinged sections. Softer bedspreads can roll up when not in use.

Choosing between a soft or hard cover depends on what you plan to use on a daily basis. You will also need to determine if you need to remove it often. Soft tonneau covers are not a good choice if you expect them to handle a foot of snow.

Collapsible covers offer a popular middle ground between roll-up, retractable soft covers and hard-hinged rugged liner tonneau. The introduction of quadruple models as trifold models, which could be a good choice if you have a longer bed and want more versatility.

Popular Brands for Rugged Liner Tonneau

#1. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Rugged Liner Tonneau

This sturdy folding tonneau cover comes fully assembled, and it’s relatively simple to install. It features lightweight hard polymer panels that make the cover easy to open and close, plus rubber corners for smooth closing and zippered protective caps.

Rugged Liner Tonneau

It claimed to be the most water resistant rugged liner tonneau on the market and will protect your belongings. This cover is available for a wide variety of truck makes and models backed by a three-year factory warranty. Some users say this cover is not easy to install because you have to align it properly with your truck floor. It also does not come with installation instructions.



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#2. MaxMate TriFold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Rugged Liner Tonneau

The Tonneau Cover is a soft trifold tonneau cover available for a limited truck makes and models. This soft tonneau is made from double coated marine vinyl and features rustproof powder coated frames and stainless steel safety clips.

It comes pre-assembled and easy to install with all necessary instructions. MaxMate offers a 10-year warranty on its trifold rugged liner tonneau. One downside is that it isn’t as slim and sleek as other soft tonneau covers.

#3. Truxedo TruXport Rollup Truck Bed Cover

The Bed Cover is very similar to Tyger’s product, but this cover folds into three separate sections. It allows you to roll the cover up and keep the bed completely exposed. This way you don’t have to remove the tonneau completely if you are transporting taller objects.

This rugged liner tonneau is easy to install and requires no drilling. You only need about 20 minutes or less and is made of a durable vinyl material. Dual paddle latches provide extra security and lock.

With a slim design, this tonneau cover is not too bulky and won’t ruin the look—most passersby won’t even realize it’s there. One downside is it does not seamlessly affix to some trucks along the tailgate, which may let some water in.

#4. Lund Genesis Elite RollUp Tonneau Cover

Lund was one of the first companies producing truck bedspreads. It will give you a peace of mind when moving up the ladder or other long items. The rugged liner tonneau is made from high quality twill material designed to resist water, mildew, UV, dust and dirt.

It is easily washable with water and does not trap dirt. The tonneau rolls up easily and can be secured that way if you need to access your bed if you need to transport larger items. A set of snaps keeps the cover in place when not rolled up.

Lund offers a limited lifetime warranty on its tonneau covers. This tonneau isn’t as easy to install as rugged liner tonneau, taking around an hour to install, and doesn’t have a profile like soft vinyl covers. Though, this tonneau cover is made of strong double coated navy.

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