Best Paying Truck Driving Jobs for 2022

Best paying truck driving jobs Already know best paying driving jobs without cdl? Or want know best paid driving jobs?

Are vary because of several factors. The expertise, tough loads, clean record, the risk to travel to remote locations are the ways which a driver will earn more. Driver salaries vary according to region, style of equipment, and an experience.

The driver payment swing is around $45,000 to $60,000 annually. Depend on the corporate and with the driving record, a driver can earn $70,000 or more. Drivers who willing to get additional task and high risk or spend time in remote areas are ready to push their earnings much higher.

Best Paying Truck Driving Jobs

#1. Team Drivers: $65,700-$80,300

Best Paying Truck Driving Jobs

Team drivers are high speed long load delivery. A team consists of 2 drivers in the same truck, driving in shifts to stay move for 24 hours. To provide you an idea, think that it takes a solo driver six days from coast to coast. A team will make a trip in as 3 days. The firms that need drivers pay more for the drivers which can earn a higher compensation.

#2. Ice Road Drivers: $60,000 To $78,000 Per Season

Best Paying Truck Driving Jobs

As the best paying truck driving jobs, ice road driving became a known side of the industry with a decent payment. These drivers operate in the wild areas deep in the northern latitudes. They are at risk as they traverse challenging piece of land with dangerous road conditions to deliver freight to remote cities.

The jobs exist for a couple months in short span of time, but these drivers earn a full year’s salary. To become an ice road driver, you must have many years of expertise and a history of safe operation and familiar with flatbed, outsized loads, hazmat, dry van, cigarette and more. It’s one of the most difficult ways to drive.

Best Paying Truck Driving Jobs #3. Mining Drivers: $55,000 To 79,000

Best Paying Truck Driving Jobs

As the best paying truck driving jobs, the drivers ride large dump trucks in mining sites. Overlarge to drive for any road, these drivers should maintain a high level of productivity while operate safely in a certain time. Outside of the mining site, you’ll see these trucks at industrial and port locations to handle massive amounts of raw materials like clay, cement, and different heavy product.

#4. Outsized Load: $73,000 – $120,000

Also called over dimension loads, the legal dimensions set by federal rules. Outsized haulers must have better ability in maneuvering huge loads like construction equipment, wind turbines, mobile homes, also industrial machinery.

These drivers must follow certain regulations that specify the routes and times these loads are legally allowed to move. An escort crew is needed and you rent your escort team. These operations are expensive, further insurance, and different precautions are required so it categorized as best paying truck driving jobs.

#5. Hazmat Drivers: 73,000

Hazmat drivers must on high alert since carrying dangerous and hepatotoxic materials. Any accident could become a disaster resulting in loss of life, valuable clean up, and lost profits for the company. Hazmat drivers should pass a background investigation and following further regulations from state and federal regulations.

Because of the necessity and high risks related to transporting dangerous materials, hazmat drivers earn a higher payment than other drivers, one of the best paying truck driving jobs.

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Best Paying Truck Driving Jobs #6. Liquids Or Tanker Driver: $75,000

The drivers will transport water, gasses, fuel and more. Because carrying various liquids in large containers, one sharp turn or slamming on the brakes will cause a disaster. A mistake with liquid like gasoline or gas may result in massive fireballs and extreme heat.

As the best paying truck driving jobs, the compensation for the drivers will reflect the dangerous loads they transport and the high level of ability they demonstrate in moving these materials safely.


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