Best Trucking Jobs List, What Suits You?

Best trucking jobs Already know best trucking companies to work for? Or want know best paying driving jobs without cdl?

May be a profitable career. Drivers may get $60,000 a year, depend on their load, mileage, licensing and expertise. If you’re fascinated by the business or searching for work, you need to understand what the most effective driving jobs are.

Highest-paying trucking jobs involve dangerous or riskier task. Usually speaking, the more ability to do a job, the upper it’ll pay. If you’ve the proper experience and certifications, there are many opportunities in the business.

Best Trucking Jobs options

#1. Tanker Hauling

Best Trucking Jobs

Liquids can be dangerous for you, but you will be paid well for shipping them. Some tanker drivers do haul dangerous liquids, other deliver things like water or milk. A major quantity of fluid may be troublesome to transport, that is why tanker truckers earn $60,000 a year on average.

To drive a tanker truck, you’ll need 2 certifications. An N endorsement qualifies you to drive for 1,000 gallons or more, while an X endorsement includes an N endorsement plus hazmat certification. Both will give the best trucking jobs.

Best Trucking Jobs #2. Ice Road Transport

Ice road truckers will earn between $30,000 and $40,000 in 3 months, creating them the highest-paid drivers. This spectacular earnings comes at a cost because ice road trucking may be a dangerous job. These truckers drive across frozen roads to deliver product.

Given the danger, the drivers who navigate them should be extremely qualified. It’s different from shipping corporation qualifications, and most truckers who apply don’t get the job. If you have the proper qualifications, ice road trucking may be lucrative and the best trucking jobs.

#3. Outsized Load Hauling

Best Trucking Jobs

This trucking job requiring further certifications. These truckers carrying huge size loads, like shipping construction instrument or even tiny houses. The job needs a high level of skill, that is why oversized load truckers get competitive pay with average $54,000 a year, and even six figures with the proper experience, company and drive time.

#4. Team Driving

To shorten shipping times, several companies hire drivers in pairs. In team driving, one person takes the wheel while the opposite sleeps, allowing them to travel longer in shorter periods. These positions pay more due to the upper mileage and could be the best trucking jobs for you.

Team driving jobs are obtainable with competitive pay, but not ideal for everyone. The long stretches far from home is also unappealing. If you don’t get along with your partner, it may be a nerve-wracking job. If you don’t mind being with others on the road, team driving can be a profitable career.

Best Trucking Jobs #5. Luxury Car Hauling

Best Trucking Jobs

The costlier your cargo, the more it pays to deliver it. This is the case with luxury cars, as truckers can earn $100,000 annually. Trucking pricy cars is an intelligibly meticulous task and the best trucking jobs. Even you don’t need any certifications to perform this job, you must have demonstrable skills. Corporations won’t hire you for this job unless you’ve a powerful driving record.

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#6. Hazmat Hauling

A dangerous but profitable trucking job is hazmat hauling. It involves transporting dangerous materials like gases, liquids or corrosive substances. These loads need further care to deliver safely, therefore drivers are paid well.

If this is what you like as the best trucking jobs, you’ll would wear hazmat of your CDL. This needs more application and a test, but several corporations pay for you to get certified since these drivers are in demand.


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