Camper Shell Liner: How to Apply DIY Project Like a Pro?

Camper Shell Liner Already know camper shell exhaust fan? Or want know 12v fan for camper shell?

Could your best bet. Trucks need frequent maintenance given to the rough use. If you’re in a transport business, you would know the necessity of a Bedliner. It’s a coating that may be applied to the bed to avoid any harm to the load and bed. This coating forms a layer with a skid resistance.

There are various bed liners for bed. Selecting the ideal one could be a difficult task. The most bed liners are drop-in and spray-on which effective for various use. Other alternatives are DIY bed liner, that you’ll be able to install in your own.

Tip On Applying Camper Shell Liner

Camper Shell Liner

Bear in mind that spray-on bed liner is permanent, so you need caution when applying it. Follow the instruction and keep the manual in mind. Wear safety gloves and glasses while applying the spray-on bedliner.

With the right application, the Camper Shell Liner protects your bed from scratching, scuffing, skidding harm by the cargo. It offers a nice look. If you’re non-professional, then the installation would be a bit troublesome for you. But, if you follow the guide carefully, then you’ll get the best result like an expert.

Camper Shell Liner

Buying a good, sturdy and quality bedliner is important because it not only protects the bed surface, but it enhances the look. Get the most effective ones in the market that worth the value. As DIY bed liners, you will complete the application with ease. If you’re a beginner, watch online tutorials or read the manuals to use it properly.

How To Apply Camper Shell Liner?

Camper Shell Liner

The truck works day and night for heavy duty payload. If you’re a truck owner, then you understand all the quality and the way to save lots of money. Simply by respecting your truck by words isn’t enough, you must watch some essential elements and a truck-bed is one of them.

There are numerous bed liners are obtainable in the market like spray-on, roll-on, and brush-on. You’ll buy Camper Shell Liner depending on your need and budget, whether a spray-on or roll-on. There are 3 main elements in a DIY spray-on bed liner; preparing, cleaning, and coating.

• Getting Ready

First, you must take away all the accessories from the bed. Simply by removing the tailgate before applying the spray-on bed liner, then mask around the areas which you are doing not need to spray-on the liner.

• Cleansing The Bed


Clean the bed totally by washing it using a wax-free wash soap for this. Clean all the mud and rubble from the bed. Use a sandpaper to scuff the surface to make it sensible for the Camper Shell Liner to be applied. Now, wait till it dries.


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• Coating Your Bed

Apply the adhesion promotor before applying the liner. Use the primer with the bed liner you use. Now set up the gun for the atmospheric pressure to apply the spray. Follow the manual from the manufacturer. Don’t directly apply the liner.

Adjust the air pressure according to your comfort and needs. Keep the gap between the gun and the bed for 18 inches to get an ideal finished coating. It helps to cut back the shadow patterns from being formed. Wait for 10 minutes for second coats of Camper Shell Liner and continue this process till you get the required output. Take away the masking tapes once you have finished.

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