Commercial Trucks for Rent Near Me

Commercial Trucks for Rent Trucksbrands.Com Already know commercial truck rental rates? Or want know truck rental? Top Choices of Commercial Trucks for Rent. The 5-Minute Rule for Commercial Trucks for Rent

To assist you choose which truck to rent, you should first learn how much cargo space you are going to need. You also will have to determine who’s going to drive the truck, and the way the driving will be split, if it’s going to be.

Generally the truck should be filled far more frequently than the follow vehicle. So far as choosing the most suitable one for your move, ensure that the truck you will need is available and then go with the best price.

You can’t simply purchase the whole truck only because you want it just for a day or two. Employing a rental truck is an effortless means of moving your belongings. If you are searching for the most affordable, most dependable rental truck, then Budget will most likely be your very best alternative.


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Commercial Trucks for Rent

Moving Trucks, Vans, & Commercial Trucks for Rent
Select Rental Purpose

Our cargo vans and commercial trucks are among the newest and most reliable in the truck and van rental industry. These well-maintained and driver-friendly vehicles assure that your business can be conducted without interruption or downtime. View our commercial fleet options below

*Actual payload may vary by year, make, model and location.

Box Trucks
15′ Parcel Van

Up to 5,000 lbs. payload Pull-out ramp available 2-person seating 15’x8’x7′ (LxWxH)
Additional Features:

Step bumper, wood tie-slats, cargo-access door, automatic transmission, air-conditioning, power steering
15′ Parcel Van–BUSINESS
16′ Cabover Truck

Up to 7,500 lbs. payload Tuck-under lift gate 3-person seating 16’x8’x7.5′ (LxWxH)
Additional Features:

Rear roll-up door, wood tie-slats and e-track, automatic transmission, air-conditioning, power steering
16′ Cabover Truck with Lift Gate–BUSINESS
24′ Box Truck

Up to 10,000 lbs. payload Tuck-under lift gate 3-person seating 24’x8.5’x8.5′ (LxWxH)
Additional Features:

Dock high, commercially spec’d body, automatic transmission, air-conditioning, power steering
24′ Box Truck with Lift Gate–BUSINESS
26′ Box Truck

Upto 10,000 lbs. payload* Tuck-under lift gate 3 person seating 26’x8.5’x8.5′ (LxWxH)
Additional Features:

Automatic transmission, air-conditioning, power steering
26′ Box Truck with Lift Gate–BUSINESS
Pickup Trucks
1/2 Ton Pickup

Up to 2,000 lbs. payload 2 or 4-wheel drive Short and long beds Extended and crew cabs
Additional Features:

Automatic transmission, Air-conditioning, Power Steering
1/2 Ton Pickup Truck–BUSINESS
3/4 Ton Pickup

Up to 4,000 lbs payload 2 or 4-wheel drive Towing Capability Short and long beds Extended and crew cabs
Additional Features:

Automatic transmission, air Conditioning, power steering
3/4 Ton Pickup Truck–BUSINESS
1 Ton Pickup

Up to 6,000 lb payload 2 or 4-wheel drive Towing capablility Short and long beds Extended and crew cabs
Additional Features:

Dual rear wheel option, automatic transmission, air-conditioning, power steering

Penske Heavy-Duty Semi Truck Rentals

Find the right heavy duty trucks for your business. All Penske single axle and tandem axle day cab and sleeper cab trucks come equipped with these popular options:

Collision mitigation systems (select models)
Air-ride rear suspension
Automated/manual overdrive transmission
Air conditioning
AM/FM stereo, AUX or USB input
Anti-lock brake system and air disc brakes
CB radio-ready
Engine brake (available in select markets)
Power steering
Sliding fifth wheel

Single-Axle Day Cab Tractors

65,000 lb. gross combined weight
Up to 160-gallon fuel capacity
Up to 410 HP electronic engine
Driver air-ride seat
View more semi truck features

Tandem-Axle Day Cab Tractors

80,000 lb. gross combined weight
Up to 160-gallon fuel capacity
Up to 435 HP electronic engine
Driver air-ride seat
View more tandem axle truck features

Premium Semi Truck Sleeper Cabs

80,000 lb. gross combined weight
Up to 220-gallon fuel capacity
Up to 455 HP electronic engine
Driver and passenger air-ride seat
View more semi truck sleeper features

The specifications listed above are based on Penske’s most commonly rented fleet. They are not the exact measurements of all vehicles rented by Penske. Specifications will vary by make, model and year.
Frequently asked questions about renting a heavy-duty truck from Penske

Q: Do I need a CDL to rent a semi truck?
A: Yes. You need a CDL to drive a semi truck on a public roadway.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a semi truck?
A: The cost of renting a heavy-duty tractor (diesel truck) varies based on things such as duration of rental and type of vehicle. Please call us at 844-906-3404 for specifics.

Q: Do you offer semi truck and trailer rentals?
A: Yes. In addition to offering a variety of heavy-duty semi trucks for rent, Penske rents 48 and 53 foot dry van trailers.

Commercial Trucks for Rent

The majority of people will often rent a truck to move all their items. The truck can normally be rented on a daily basis so the sum of days ought to be included in the calculations. Employing a moving truck is pricier during the weekends. There are a large number of rental moving trucks provided by several truck rental providers.

Whenever you do hire the truck yourself you will often save a bundle over paying a business to drive for you. There are some matters you need to consider when seeking to lease a dump truck.

Commercial Trucks for Rent

You’re also required to produce sure a skilled driver drives the dump truck. Often it is also possible to rent a crane truck to try them out and see if they’re the appropriate vehicle to meet your requirements.

If you are going to be driving the truck yourself you want to check in the insurance choices, because uninsured you may wind up paying $50000 to replace a crashed truck. You don’t need to unpack a truck and repack your stuff into storage in case you don’t need it immediately.

Commercial Trucks for Rent – truck rental near me

Commercial Trucks for Rent

For instance, you may not require a massive truck and might be happy to drive back and forth as a way to conserve money. If it comes to locating the ideal truck to fit your needs it’s important to comprehend what it is you are likely to be transporting.

Sometimes you might even be made to find the truck from a location that’s a small bit further away from you but can be returned in the location you are likely to. If you are in need of a service truck, it’s possible to either rent or purchase them from a trustworthy source.

You do not need to drive the truck, as the business stipulates a driver. There are various forms of tow trucks readily available, as stated by the load they should carry, together with the procedure of towing the car.

Such rentals can be bought in various flexible arrangements and you have many choices in regard to truck dimensions and accessories. The moving truck rental will be one of the most crucial tasks you’ll want to accomplish if you’re moving yourself.

Commercial Trucks for Rent – u-haul truck rental

Tow truck rental is usually a very specific requirement, which is the reason why it’s important to consider about different alternatives available ahead of time. It is required in a number of different circumstances, most commonly used to tow vehicles out of the road when they have been put out of action.

1 way moving truck rentals are getting more popular and there are a few companies that have representatives in every single state. You should think about obtaining a one-way truck rental, if you’re planning to move upon the state or across the nation.

One-way truck rental is among the most usual, special services offered. Generally you’re able to locate refrigerated truck rental at any typical rental company even though there are a few companies whom specialize in refrigerated trucks.

Truck rental has been quite beneficial for folks who demand vehicle for moving. Pickup truck rentals are ideal for moving several types of loads over short to medium distances. For whatever reasons you opt to use one particular way pickup truck rental, ensure to check around to find the best offer on the rental fee.

Commercial Trucks for Rent – home depot truck rental

Commercial Trucks for Rent

Look on the web for service of truck rental or service truck sales and you need to find what it is you are looking for easily. As the truck rental is beneath your control, the packing and loading procedure can be approached a whole lot more leisurely.

Inexpensive truck rentals are also provided on one-way trips nowadays. They are a great way of transporting large items or many things from one place to another. You desire a low-cost truck rental, and should you attempt to decrease the price quote that the business offers you, you may be amazed at the outcome.

Before the cheap moving truck rentals arrive at your house , it is essential that you pack.

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