Craigslist Commercial Trucks

Craigslist Commercial Trucks Guide on Buying Used

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Have to be carefully examined. New trucks offer a lot of power, but used trucks are easy on money. But buying a used truck most of the time isn’t easy, especially if you’re a new in the business. If you have decided to buy a truck without precautions, you risk for spending more money for a budget truck.

When it comes to buy, you need to compare prices, specifications, and figure out your needs. You need to consider everything before you start buying a truck. If you’re ready to save big, but aren’t sure where to start, this used truck buying guide is here to help.

Guide to Buy on Craigslist Commercial Trucks

#1. Buy From a Reputable Dealership

Craigslist Commercial Trucks

It’s recommended buying used trucks from a reputable dealership. When buyers go to dealerships, they tend to trade in their old ones. If a trade-in vehicle meets or exceeds the dealership’s standards, the dealership will put it up for sale.

By buying used trucks from a dealer, you can count on quality. A reputable dealer will be able to answer your questions. Trucks are designed for towing, so you’ll need an engine and transmission repair history. Since many used trucks have used on off-road, you should ask about the undercarriage.


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#2. Know Your Options

Craigslist Commercial Trucks

Before exploring the Craigslist commercial trucks market, think you want. Consider between medium, large and heavy models. Move this list around to tow and carry more weight. To save costs, buy only the truck you need. For example, mid-size trucks can haul around 7,000 lbs.

If you have enough muscle to tow your fishing boat, there’s no need to spend more on a full-size model. However, if you plan on backpacking with your 20,000 pounds motorhome, you will need a heavy duty truck.

Each truck is available in a variety of designs. These models offer different levels of comfort, convenience and security. Decide what features you want, how much you want to spend on them, and buy used trucks accordingly.

#3. Believe Your Eyes

Craigslist Commercial Trucks

After testing on Craigslist commercial trucks, you have discovered what you like. It’s recommended that you inspect the object of your affection to look out for:

  • Rust – Check the iron components for signs of rust
  • Interior odor: This can be another sign of water damage.
  • Worn Tires: Check each tire for wear and cracks, a telltale sign of dry rot.
  • Water damage: if there are water pipes on the cab roof, these could indicate a loss.
  • Worn Upholstery: If the seat upholstery is about to fall, you may need to make costly repairs.
  • Pedal and Steering: steering should be neat, pedal should be properly pressurized and should not soft.

#4. Your Budget

Before talking about the model, budget should be the first thing. In case your budget doesn’t meet the specification, try to reload because you need to buy on Craigslist commercial trucks that can serve you. If you have goods to transport with your truck, choose the best truck that can comfortably transport such goods.

This will give your truck a longer life and reduce maintenance costs. Do your research regarding warranties. Many manufacturers pass warranties to subsequent owners, but this is not always guaranteed. The duration of coverage may vary depending on the brand.

#5. Get a Second Opinion

Once you’ve found on Craigslist commercial trucks that meets your expectations, the next is to have a thorough inspection. A professional has the proper diagnostic tools and experience to pinpoint any costly problem. Once you have a complete picture, you can make the final decision.

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