Truck Jack Stands: Know the Type Here

Truck jack stands Already know truck jack stands tall? Or want knowheavy duty truck jack stands?

Are a must have tool at the car. At some point in your life you must change a tire. While changing a tire is a necessity, the important tool for the job is a jack. Without it, there is no way to lift the vehicle off the ground. But jack stands aren’t just for changing a tire.

They can convert any space into a car shop, allowing mechanics to perform maintenance and repairs. Jack stands are extremely safe and reliable as long as they are used correctly for the weight of the vehicle.

Truck Jack Stands Explained

• Jack

Truck Jack Stands

Jack allowing the user to change a tire or carry out repairs or maintenance. Jacks are available in a variety of types and classes. Choosing the right type is essential, not only for the safety of the mechanic, but also the vehicle.

While these jacks are lifting the vehicle a few inches off the ground, a second jack is necessary for more thorough work. It is advisable to be careful when using a jack. If the vehicle weighs 2 tons, use a jack of at least 2.5 tons. Never use a jack on a vehicle that exceeds its rated capacity.


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• Jacks Stand

Truck Jack Stands

Truck jack stands are shaped like a tripod and are designed to support the weight of an elevated vehicle. They should be placed under the axle or frame to provide additional support. Once a vehicle is raised, the vehicle is lowered onto the jack stands.

On the stands are saddle-shaped trays, designed to support the axle of the vehicle. Racks should only be used on hard and only for vehicles that do not exceed the weight capacity. It comes in different types and are categorized by their capacity in height and weight.

Truck Jack Stands

The height of a tripod is in inches and the weight capacity is in tons. Truck jack stands are usually sold in pairs with floor jacks. Support heights can range from 13 to 25 inches, and the weight capacity can vary from 2 tons to 25 tons. Jack stands are used for repairs or maintenance, they are not common to change a tire.

Different Types of Truck Jack Stands

• Floor Jack

A floor jack is a common type that used for tire maintenance and repairs. They are easy to move and position themselves exactly where they need to be lifted. A floor jack consists of a floor unit with four wheels and a long handle to operate the hydraulic lifting.

The jack saddle is a round disc that makes contact with the vehicle. The handle should be turned clockwise, which closes the valve. The handle is turned counterclockwise to open the valve and lower the jack saddle. Floor jacks are the workhorses of the truck jack stands community and are useful for mechanic to get under the vehicle.

• Hydraulic Bottle Jack

A lever is inserted and pumped to lift the vehicle. Although bottle jacks are high capacity and portable enough, they lack of a floor jack and are not stable enough to be used, which makes them less ideal to change a tire. Check the lifting capacity of a bottle jack against the weight of the vehicle before using it.

• Scissor Jack

It uses a screw mechanism to produce the lifting power. The advantage of this truck jack stands is its small size and portability. The jack is positioned under the point and the screw is turned using a crank to raise or lower the vehicle. The handle will be the iron that comes with the car.

The jack that comes with the vehicle is designed to fit specific jacking points. If a replacement is needed, make sure it fits in the car and has adequate lifting capacity and should be used on a hard, flat surface.

• Hilift Jack

This is a special truck jack stands for off-road vehicles. These jacks are primarily used in off-road situations or where rough terrain limits the use of other types of jacks. Lift jacks often have a high capacity, up to 7,000 pounds.

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