Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist Inspection Checklist Point

Diesel trucks for sale Craigslist Trucksbrands.Com Already know craigslist diesel trucks – by owner? Or want know used diesel trucks for sale by owner?

need to be checked carefully to see the quality. If you seemingly confused as new truck buyers, then you will probably consider a used diesel truck. These simple reviews don’t take long and are the most comprehensive you can do.


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Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

  1. 2021 Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-LT-Crew-Cab-Duramax-Diesel $52,000
  2. 2017 Ram 2500 Crew cab Diesel 4X4 $46,000
  3. 2006 Ford F-250 Lariat Edition 4X4 – 1 OWNER – No Accidents! $19,500
  4. 2017 RAM 2500 Laramie $59,500
  5. 2008 Ford 350 Diesel Truck with New Engine $21,999
  6. 1985 Chevrolet cucv 1 1/4 ton $17,500
  7. 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel Crew Cab 2WD-1 Owner/mechanic owned $32,500
  8. 2004 Ford F-350 truck Turbo Diesel with utility bed $5,500
  9. 2007 Ram 2500 6.7 liter Diesel 4×4 Mega Cab $33,995
  10. Ford F-250 7.3 diesel stick shift Ford f250 $17,5002021
  11. Chevy 2500 LTZ Z71 Duramax W/Texhnology Package $85,000
  12. Ford F350 Lariat $49,950
  13. 2017 Dodge Ram EcoDiesel $37,000
  14. GMC SIERRA 2500HD 4X4 DIESEL $28,500
  15. 1988 Ford F350 ExtCab 7.3 DIESEL $6,800
  16. 1999 FORD F-250 F250 7.3 DEISEL 4X4 SHORT BED 4 DOOR $4,000
  17. 2008 Ford F350 XL Super Duty turbo Diesel $25,000
  18. 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab Dually 4×4 100k miles Turbo Diesel 6.7L!! $43,999
  19. 2004 Ford F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab Longbed Garage Kept 72,000 Miles ! $27,500
  20. 2008 F250 Lariat 4×4 diesel $21,800
  21. 2009 DODGE RAM 3500 4×4 (DIESEL) $16,900
  22. 2008 f250 diesel $8,500

Inspection Point on Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

• Check all body panel openings and seals fit. Run your hand along the bottom of the doors looking for hard, rusty edges. Check the panels along the body from back to front. If they appear wavy or uneven, check them with a magnet (plastic repairs to the body won’t attract a magnet).

• Look for signs of leaks (brake fluid, grease) and tread wear in each tire of diesel trucks for sale Craigslist. You should also be on level ground to properly check the fluids.

• Lift the hood, remove the radiator cap and observe the coolant, it will be greenish in color. If the fluid is rusty, the engine is likely to be prone to overheating. If you are unsure about the quality of the liquid, an inexpensive tester is a good investment.

• Inspect the air filter for excessive dirt and the engine surface. Most engines will travel 70,000 to 80,000 miles before major repair is required, but all engines require a check. If the car has an automatic transmission, check the transmission dipstick. If the oil smells burning, go back! This means transmission problems on the rise.

Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

• Start the engine. Make sure there are no knocks or punches. These noises can indicate a defective crankshaft or connecting rod bearing, and both are expensive repairs. All diesel trucks must have a high idle setting. Engines with fuel injection adjust their settings automatically, engines with carburetors have to accelerate a little after starting in order to set the fast idle.

Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

• After the vehicle has reached a fast idle, put the vehicle in gear and apply the emergency brake to see if it holds. If you don’t feel any pressure while holding the rag against the end of the tailpipe, you have a leaking exhaust. Put your foot on the brakes, put in a gear to see if it works properly.

Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

• Turn off the engine, open the trunk, lift the mat, and look for rust. Even new cars have light rust, but watch out for more corrosion. When checking the trunk of diesel trucks for sale Craigslist, look at the wiring at the rear.

Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

• Drive the car at least 10 miles, turn off the engine, let it cool down briefly, and then turn it on again. After takeoff, accelerate slowly to see if the gearbox lifts smoothly. Check the acceleration for highway speed to see if the engine is quiet. You may notice things like rattles and wind noise.

Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

• Try a panic stop in a safe place to see if the brakes are working. Then test on a bumpy road to see if the dampers control after the impact. Open the front of the truck; if it jumps more than three times, the shock absorbers are worn out.

Diesel Trucks for Sale Craigslist

• Odometer manipulation is still widely used to mislead buyers of diesel trucks for sale Craigslist. The gauges on newer models are more difficult to manipulate, you still need to be careful. Check a few things like excessive brake pedal wear, on armrests and upholstery; and lots of holes in the windshield.


Buy a Used Truck With the 12 Point Truck Inspection Checklist

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