Duraliner Under Rail Truck

Duraliner Under Rail Truck Bed Liner Guide

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warrants the listed accessories to the original purchaser against defects under normal operating conditions. From the date of purchase, the products are warranted for as long as the purchaser owns the vehicle.

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It might be tempting to fit a plastic bed cover in your truck. They are cheaper and easier than a spray bed cover. You think a plastic bed cover protects your truck bed and looks nice too, but here’s why you should consider Duraliner under rail truck bed liner.

What Is a Plastic Bed Cover?

Duraliner Under Rail Truck

These are called drop in bedspreads and are made from plastic material. You place it on the bed and no installation is required. You don’t need any experience to put in the truck, and they’re relatively cheap. Because of this, most people think it’s the best option.

What people don’t know is that they often cause damage. So the debris makes its way underneath, and it shifts and changes as you drive, causing scratches to your truck. It is easy to apply and can be done by anyone. Duraliner under rail truck bed liner won’t scratch the bed or allow moisture to build up causing rust and damage.

With the bedspread you will receive weather and heat resistant protection. It is also UV resistant, durable for years and features a non-slip texture. You don’t have to worry about rusting, chipping or peeling.


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Duraliner Under Rail Truck Bed Liner Features

Duraliner Under Rail Truck

Duraliner bed liner is the world’s leading manufacturer of molded plastic truck bed covers. Each cover has been designed for easy installation and fit for the market. Drop in liners provide maximum truck bed protection by completely covering the truck bed.

These liners are available in the under handrail configuration, giving you an exceptional level of protection. The covers under the handrail fall into the bed and prevent the interior from being damaged. They ride up the sides of your truck bed.

This allows you to install rail caps, ladder brackets and more without sacrificing bed protection. Duraliner under rail truck bed liner bedspreads have a special slip resistance that allows you to keep your cargo secure and prevent it from sliding.

These covers are resistant to oil, gas and chemicals, making them the ideal cover for off-roaders, motorcycles, and more. The liners feature UV finish, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice looks for protection. These liners are specially molded for each vehicle for a perfect fit.

Consideration Points

Duraliner Under Rail Truck

Drop in sheets are known to scratch the floor of the pickup. This is because they are a hard plastic that constantly moves or shifts and won’t help you in the long run. The Duraliner under rail truck bed liner really works to prevent scratches in the first place. That’s because the unique formulation won’t slide.

Debris is the enemy when it comes to your truck bed. Drop in liner is really good at trapping the debris. When debris sits under the cabinet, it prevents moisture from escaping. The fact, bedspread doesn’t allow debris to get under the bedspread, so you don’t have to worry about moisture or rust.

It’s normal to have water since your truck bed had to be designed to drain properly. This is why you will notice the drainage holes. Drop in sheets have a way of trapping water by blocking access to those holes. The fact, Duraliner under rail truck bed liner does not block the drainage holes and allows water to drain naturally.

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