Food Truck for Sale New Hampshire

Food Truck for Sale New Hampshire, Know the Permits and Licenses

Food truck for sale New Hampshire Already know second hand food truck for sale? Or want know food truck for sale massachusetts?

Must have several permits and licenses. Food truck licenses and permits required by every state and you might encounter depending on where you plan to sell your food.

Before you hit the streets, you will need to acquire the proper permits for food truck business. Although food trucks share similarities with restaurants, there are some differences between restaurant permits and licenses and for food truck.

Permits and Licenses on Food Truck for Sale New Hampshire

#1. Business License

Food Truck for Sale New Hampshire

A business license allows you to run a business in the city of your choice. Acquiring the license means that the government recognizes your business as a legitimate and track your business for tax purposes. A business license can cost between $50 and $500, but prices and application vary on every city.

Some cities will limit the number of food vendor, sometimes putting new vendors in a lottery, so be sure to apply as soon as you complete your business plan. To learn how to apply for a business license, visit U.S. Small Business Administration website.


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#2. Seller Permit

Food Truck for Sale New Hampshire

It is required in some states to allow owners to purchase ingredients and supplies without paying sales tax. The tax would be collected when the product is sold. Check your local government’s website to find out if this license is required and how to apply on food truck for sale New Hampshire.

#3. Food Operator Permit

Food Truck for Sale New Hampshire

Also known as a food operator license, it is granted to those who complete a food operator training and food safety course. Only the service manager is required to obtain the permit. Other states require that one employee have a valid permit if food is to be handled, prepared, cooked, or stored on-site.

The permit gives customers peace of mind because workers are knowledgeable in sanitary and safe food handling on food truck for sale New Hampshire. It means that a health inspector know that a staff understand of food safety. Food handler licenses cost less than $50 for 5 years. The food truck employees must have this and require the cards to be publicly visible.

#4. Health Department Permit

Also known as a food service license, is issued by the health department and indicates that your truck has passed health inspection. A health department officer will examine your truck for health violations and provide you with notes on what to fix for your truck.

They will check for proper food storage, cleanliness and that HACCP is in place. Your health score should be displayed publicly on food truck for sale New Hampshire. This permit can cost between $50 to $1,000 depending on the city. Contact your local health department to request and schedule an inspector’s visit.

#5. Fire Certificate

This is necessary if you have cooking equipment and gas lines. If you only sell refrigerated items, you probably won’t need a fire inspection. It’s best to check with your local jurisdiction. Firefighters will check the installation and operation of your cooking equipment to make sure there is a fire suppression system in your vehicle.

#6. Employer Identification Number (EIN)

EIN is a federal tax number that registers your business with the IRS. It allows you to open a business bank account, credit profile, and hire employees. Some states provide this number with their business license on food truck for sale New Hampshire. Your EIN is free through the IRS and can be requested for 4 weeks in process.

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