Gray Truck Bed Liner Pros & Cons and Tips for Applying

Gray truck bed liner Already know gray truck bed liner spray? Or want know grey bed liner paint job?

Could be the best options for your truck. If you purchased a pickup truck that does not yet have a liner, you should consider adding one. Without a liner, you run the risk of damaging your truck. While you can buy a cover and go to a professional for application, you can also apply a DIY bed liner to save money.

Sometimes it’s best to leave the work to the professionals. They are equipped and qualified to deal with it. It may cost more to the expense of the paint, but you save a lot of time and guarantee you’ll be happy with the result. The cost of applying the bedspread isn’t just about the tools; it’s also the time and effort.

Gray Truck Bed Liner

#1. Pros Of A Gray Truck Bed Liner

Gray Truck Bed Liner

Paint adheres perfectly to the contours of your truck when done correctly. You can customize the color for you. Bed Cover Paint is strong and durable and will last a long time and protects your truck from scratches of your cargo.

It not only protects against scratches, but also humidity, rust and corrosion as well as UV rays. It will improve the truck appearance. If you decide to paint the whole truck, it will look very fresh. You can choose between a matte finish or a gloss paint.

Gray Truck Bed Liner

Thicker paints of gray truck bed liner can absorb vibrations and dampen sounds. It is relatively easy to clean compared to normal paint. It can save your money in the long run because it decreases the risk of damaging your truck’s bed and improves the sturdiness.

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#2. Cons Of A Gray Truck Bed Liner

Gray Truck Bed Liner

It’s easier to ruin the paint job and have to redo it. That’s why we don’t recommend doing it at home. During the curing process, it is possible for dust and debris to get stuck in the paint. While some brands boast a fast drying time, other can take a few hours or more.

If you decide to apply gray truck bed liner yourself, you may miss hard-to-reach areas. You need to get the thickness right and it may take more than one coat. The thinner the layer, the more easily it is damaged. Without durable UV protection can fade over time and leave your truck looking aged and weathered.

You need a space to do the job, preferably somewhere where you won’t have to worry about getting your things dirty. If you use a spray gun without a respirator, it may harm your health

Bed Liner #3. Application Tips

• Follow the instructions

It is best to read the instructions to make sure you apply gray truck bed liner correctly. Applying the bedspread is straightforward, saving you the money you would spend hiring a professional. With DIY bedspreads, you do not need to send your truck to a professional to waste your time. If you do it correctly, you will get the same results.

• Remove accessories

Anything that should not be sprayed with the liner should be removed. Some companies even recommend removing the tailgate before application. This will protect anything that shouldn’t be covered.

• Take measurements

Square footage is measured by multiplying the length of the project by the width of the project. If you are 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, you need a total of 60 square feet. As a rule of thumb, one gallon of gray truck bed liner should be enough for a 6ft.

Bed Liner  • Sand the surface

If you simply apply the DIY spray to the bed of the truck, the application will not adhere properly. Instead, you should sand the surface to create a texture that the liner can adhere firmly. For a new truck, that means removing the gloss.

• Clean debris

After smoothing the floor, there will be paint chips and other debris in the floor. All this must be removed before applying gray truck bed liner. The best ways to remove debris is to vacuum. Failure to remove dust and debris can cause blisters and other problems.


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