Harbor Freight Truck Bed Liner

Harbor Freight Truck Bed Liner Options and Their Pros & Cons

Harbor Freight truck bed liner Trucksbrands.com Already know harbor freight bed liner spray gun? Or want know truck bed liner spray?

Has its pros and cons. Whether you’re hauling materials or moving your loads, your bed is constantly taking bumps. By using a combination of bedspreads, covers, hardware, and accessories, not only you protect the bed, but you can move your cargo easily, safely, and improve the value of your truck.

There are benefits of bedspreads, and there are also options available to protect your bed before anything touches your bedspread.

Harbor Freight Truck Bed Liner

#1. Drop In Bed Liner

Harbor Freight Truck Bed Liner

These can be purchased in sizes that fit for most trucks. It protects your bed from knocks when loading and unloading cargo, and can be purchased for less than $200. It’s easy to install and can be secured with adhesive or fixings.

But poor Harbor Freight truck bed liner can leave gaps between the liner and the floor, which can crack over time. Water can seep into the gaps, causing rust and damage. Non-sticky or non-textured surface means your cargo can slip during transport when loaded cargo is in the body.


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#2. Truck Floor Mats

Harbor Freight Truck Bed Liner

The easiest and least expensive options to protect your floor and cargo from shifting is to use floor mats. These are removable mats made of rubber, plastic or other materials. Just unroll it and spread it out on the bed. Truck floor mats are popular because they are flexible.

It offers short term protection, easy to clean and convenient compared to a Harbor Freight truck bed liner. Just roll and go. Removal is easy making it a good non-permanent solution. You can combine the bed mat and a tailgate floor mat for added protection.

Harbor Freight Truck Bed Liner

It’s low in quality and not as hard as sheets. The load can slip when the mat does not fit properly. It may shift during in motion, which can damage the bed and its load. The bed mats do not provide protection to the sides of the bed. Corrosion can build up under the carpet because it’s not waterproof, so moisture and water get trapped.

#3. Spray On Liner

A variety of colors, styles and textures are available for spray bedspreads, from a hard surface to a softer surface. Bedspread sprays are incredibly durable and corrosion resistant, while helps to reduce travel noise. It will last longer than floor mats and Harbor Freight truck bed liner.

A spray bed liner has excellent adhesion making it waterproof and preventing rust. It increases the resale value even the liners cost expensive and require professional installation. To apply the liner, paint must be removed, which voiding the warranty. Once the spray liner is applied, it cannot be removed and reused.

#4. Carpet Covers

Carpet covers work much like Harbor Freight truck bed liner. The difference is that they are made of polypropylene and covered with polyester fibers. This gives them the durability and weather resistant, while the carpet-like surface provides extra protection for your cargo. Carpet covers are a good choice if you use your bed to transport breakable objects, musical instruments or pets.

#5. Tonneau Covers

These covers act like a hood that fits over the bed. They can be made from hard or soft materials and to protect the cargo from the elements. The cover is used to hide items stored in the bed when the vehicle is unoccupied.

Harbor Freight truck bed liner is a great way to protect it from rain, frozen snow, UV rays and environmental pollutants such as dirt, sand, tree sap, etc. This will prevent condensation from contributing to mold or rust. It is also designed to stay in place in windy conditions.

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