Rhino Cover Truck Bed Cost and Preparation Stage

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Varied according to its preparation. Your vehicle deserves the best. A Rhino Lining spray floor will protect and preserve your truck’s floor. Truck floors can be great for hauling all kinds of stuff, but scratches and dents can be vulnerable. One way to provide a protection is to spray a high quality bed cover, such as Rhino HardLine.

Made from 100% high quality polyurethane material, a Rhino Coating is a tough spray that protects the floors. It’s a good idea even if you don’t use the truck bed often, as it will help protect it from rust and corrosion. Before coating on your truck, you should educate yourself as a preparation.

Preparation on Rhino Cover Truck Bed

#1. What Makes a Rhino Better?

Rhino Cover Truck Bed Cost

A spray coating offers better protection than a drop-in bedspread. A Rhino liner adheres directly to the deck, providing permanent protection against water or other elements that may cause rust or corrosion. Without this solution, it’s easy for upholstery to move around.

#2. How Much Does a Rhino Cover Truck Bed Cost?

Rhino Cover Truck Bed Cost

The cost of a Rhino Liner varies by bed size; the bigger the bed, the higher the price. If you want to apply it to something other than a truck bed, you have to pay a different amount.

#3. Can I Put a Rhino Liner on Anything?

Rhino Cover Truck Bed Cost

Yes, Rhino cover truck bed can be applied to almost anything: to metal bumpers, protective grilles, ladder racks and rocker panels. A Rhino liner is designed to last forever, and there’s a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

#4. How Long Does the Application Process Take?

From start to finish, applying Rhino Liner will take five to six hours. The way the bed is prepared will have a big impact on how effectively the bed liner adheres to the surface. So, it’s essential that you ask the installer what kind of surface preparation they do before they apply the bed liner.

#5. ScotchBrite Scuff Preparation

This is a surface preparation used by many Rhino installers. If the treatment is carried out correctly, the Rhino cover truck bed should adhere well. The quality of the result depends on who is doing the prep work. If they don’t have the proper experience, it may end up poor, which will affect the quality of the coating.

#6. Chemical Etch Preparation

A chemical treatment is used on the surface. It etches the surface for creating highly adhering oxides. While this is a common way to prepare, it’s not always effective. It’s very inconsistent, which means that the bed liner won’t adhere in a uniform manner.

The Rhino cover truck bed will be much more likely to scrape and peel off, making it the lowest quality preparation method. If they use the chemical etch prep method, you better find someone else.

#7. Power Sanding Preparation

Power surface sanding using a dual wheel sander. Using a power tool provides greater precision and control to the person. It is much less dependent on experience and skill to be effective. It takes a bit longer to prepare the bed, so it’s often a bit too much.


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#8. Hand Sand Block Preparation

Manual sand block offers a lot of control to the person. If the installer has a lot of experience in using the manual sand block method, chances are it will be more efficient to the surface for the bonding with Rhino cover truck bed. Again, it all depends on who is doing the prep work.

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